Ocala National Forest Wedding

Kendra & Paul’s DIY Camp Kiwanis Wedding in the Ocala National Forest

Tucked away in the Ocala National Park, Camp Kiwanis was the perfect outdoor venue for Kendra and Paul’s DIY inspired wedding. From the moment you drive down the rocky road, signs handmade by Kendra pointed guests to the where the ceremony was being held. Kara, Kendra’s twin sister and maid of honor, and Kendra’s bridesmaids wore pastel floral dresses and brown leather cowboy boots. Kendra’s mom helped zip her up in her vintage inspired lace gown. The bride’s bouquet glittered with silver broaches on top of pastel lace and cotton material. It was the perfect delicate pairing to Paul’s fortified gun shell boutonniere.

The two have known one another since they were 12 years old and met in Church. It was love at first site for Paul when introduced during their youth group. Paul made Kendra feel welcomed and happy with his “smile that was so contagious.”  Starting as best friends, tagging along to help ‘supervise’ Kara and her boyfriend Lee on their dates. After nine years of ups and downs, meeting others, and coming back to one another, they knew that there was no one else in the world that could make one another happier.

Paul proposed to Kendra the night of the second blood moon in April of this year. Right out of the notebook, Kendra and Paul were watching the sky as they waited on the moon on top of Kendra’s truck. Of course, being Florida the mosquitos \didn’t help with the romance and while Kendra wanted to go back inside the truck; Paul would pull her close and ask her to stay. “After many mosquito bites and a few shooting stars, he got down on one knee in the middle of that field and asked me to be his wife and best friend forever.”  Kendra of course said, “yes” and the rest is history!

Venue – Camp Kiwanis in the Ocala National Forest

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