Orlando Garden Engagement

Angela & Nicholas’ Orlando Garden Engagement – Captured by Jacob

Angela and Nicholas met us out at beautiful Leu Gardens for their gorgeous Orlando garden engagement.  A beautiful day right before the upcoming cold front, it was nice to walk around and explore the gardens!

How They Met

We first met on September 28, 2018 at the first day of orientation of our graduate school program at Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in Port Orange, FL.  We sat down at a table together with another peer and were talking about what gyms in the area everyone went to.  We then hit it off again in line for our picture ID’s with another peer who is now our mutual best friend.  Neither one of us were looking to date anyone from Palmer at that time and remained genuine friends throughout the first year of the program.   Things sparked up for us when we started spending more time together as friends outside of school.  Nick offered his friendship to Angela when she was going through a tough time and big life transition.  He saw that she could use a friend and offered to hang out.  Angela took him up on that offer, especially since she realized she just moved half a mile up the road from his apartment.  She called him up to walk their dogs and they ended up hanging out all day talking about life.  They really hit it off and both couldn’t help but to want to spend more and more time together.  Nick was ready to jump in, but Angela knew all of the things she was going through and wanted to make sure Nick understood where she was at. Nick was very patient and respectful of Angela’s communication. She didn’t even let him kiss her until their first official date, which was on November 07, 2019 at Norwood’s Restaurant & Treehouse bar.  The kiss sent off sparks and the rest is history.

What They Love Most

We both sat down at dinner one night and pulled a “table topic” card that asked to describe one another in three words.  The three words Nick picked for Angela were: passionate, beautiful, and resilient.  The three words Angela chose to describe Nick were: hard working, patient, and humorous. Just to give everyone an insight to the qualities we see in one another!

Angela: What I love most about Nick is his pure love and joy for life.  I know it stems from his deep faith in God and Jesus and translates to him being such a genuine force of light!  He is always joking or in a good mood and brings out the best in people.  His spirit is so bright and jovial that he lifts me up no matter what kind of mood or headspace I might be in. Just his overall essence, spirit, and tenacity for life are some of my favorite qualities.

Nick: Where does one begin! Is it her overall perfection in physical beauty that caught my eye the day I met her when I got lost in her hazel eyes or her genuine down to earth personality to care, love, and cherish every moment we spend together? Whether it is eating breakfast, crushing a workout, or acing tests through graduate school; overall, she is my soulmate and the person God intended for me to spend the rest of my life. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else other than my perfectionist hippie army queen.

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