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Jaimie & Sommer’s Florida Beach Engagement

Florida Beach Engagement

Jaimie and Sommer met me out at a beautiful local beach for their Florida beach engagement session.  With their elopement just a few weeks out in St. Lucia, it was incredible to be a part of their special moment together before takeoff.

Jaimie and Sommer never expected to find love when joining in on their mutual friend’s bachelorette party on a cruise boat.  As the group introduced itself, Sommer and Jaimie realized they had an instant connection.  During the cruise, Jaimie had a small accident resulting in a broken finger, and Sommer who played softball growing up and in turn experiencing lots of broken fingers among a myriad of different injuries, jumped in to bandage Jaimie’s finger right up.  Four years later, Sommer put a ring on that very finger of Jaimies.

Falling in love with one another, Jaimie fell hard for how big Sommer’s heart is.  As she explains, “I love how she keeps me grounded and all, but also how she celebrates in all of life’s little moments.  For Sommer, she fell in love with how selfless Jaimie is.  As Sommer explains, Jaimie “would do anything for us and our families.  Everything Jaimie does is filled with so much meaning and she always gives it her all.”

Sommer’s proposal to Jaimie was completely unexpected, as Jaimie had inadvertently surprised Sommer with a trip to New York City when Sommer proposed.  Sommer’s first trip to the big apple, Jaimie noticed that she wasn’t overly excited and thought that maybe she was a little overwhelmed, however in all actuality it was because she was a little nervous about wanting to have the perfect proposal.  Venturing around the city, the two headed to Rockefeller Center.  As the snow began to lightly fall down, Jaimie took Sommer’s hand right in front of the famous Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and asked her to marry her.  Of course, Jaimie  said “yes” and as she explains, “it was magical and couldn’t have been more perfect!”

Fast forward to August of this year, the two will be eloping in St. Lucia.  A traditional wedding just wasn’t the right fit for Jaimie and Sommer, as feel supported in their decision by their families who said go for it!  Soon to be tying the knot oceanside on  a sandy beach, the two explained, “the beach is our happy place, so we couldn’t think of a better place to do it!”

Oh, and you might be wondering who that adorable chocolate lab is?  Well, that’s Nixon!  Nixon is a sweet, spoiled, and loving chocolate lab that Sommer and Jaimie adopted three years ago.  He truly made for a lively engagement, along with giving the best kisses.

Wishing my sweethearts an incredible elopement in St. Lucia!

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