Baby Ellie

Orlando Newborn Photographer

Welcome to the world sweet baby Eliana!  Little Ellie, short for Eliana, was born on March 20th of this year at 6:09 AM to her beautiful mommies, Jennifer and Kayla.  Weighing in at five pounds and eleven ounces, this little one has already filled the hearts of everyone around her.

Having a whole new appreciation on the beauty of life, Jennifer explained that they now know what it means to “truly live and love.”  Waking up each morning to their little one, the two look forward to what the day will bring and falling asleep with the “fullest hearts.”

Sine their wedding, their relationship has also become stronger each day.  Kayla explained that through working as a team, they pick up the slack where needed for the other.  “Being married to each other, raising our daughter together, starting our family, is what we were meant to do in this life; and we will continue to do it together!”

Looking forward to capturing each of baby Ellie’s milestones for my sweet friends and huge congratulations on welcoming her to the world!

Orlando Newborn Photographer Orlando Newborn Photographer Orlando Newborn Photographer Orlando Newborn Photographer

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