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Kayla & Brandon’s Summer Engagement – Captured by Whitney

Kayla and Brandon met our photographer Whitney out at a gorgeous local park for their stunning Summer engagement!  A sun shining day, it felt like the moment was their own!

How They Met

We met each other in December 2016 in Israel! We were on our college birthright trip and finally talked to each other on day 5 of our adventure after crushing from afar. I later found out the first thing he saw was my butt in yoga pants and afterwards saw my face and was hooked haha. Our trip was an amazing bonding experience as well because we hiked Mount Masada together at 5 AM to see the sunrise from the top. After that first conversation we spent as much time together as possible through the remainder of the trip. He was even willing to take care of me when I got really sick towards the end of our trip as well even though we’d only known each other for a few days. After coming back to the states, we talked every day and we’ve been together ever since!

What They Love Most

I love that Brandon brings the goofy side of me and never fails to bring a smile or laugh to my face after a hard day. He compliments me so well and there is no one else that I’d rather come home to and fall asleep on the couch watching random cooking shows with!

There’s too much to say so I’ll just name one big thing. I love how easy going it is with Kayla. Our conversations have always been so easy and I feel that no one could ever get me like she does. She makes me a better man and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

The Proposal

Brandon had secretly planned our engagement for months after we hit our 2.5 year mark…. All while I complained to my friends (who knew it was going to happen) that I wanted to be engaged so badly and didn’t know what was taking him so long. We were taking a trip to New York as a late birthday present to visit some family we have up there. We spent a couple days just exploring and I continued to wonder if this trip was THE TRIP. The day of, my sister in law took me to get our nails done and I was immediately suspicious! Brandon and I spent the day by ourselves exploring the city. We took the ferry to Staten Island and slowly made our way to Central Park. I almost ruined our proposal by making us late! I was so stuck on seeing the castle in Central Park and made us walk an extra 25 blocks to go see it when he was trying to get me to the proposal spot in one of the fields in the other direction where some family and friends had helped to set up the proposal spot and were waiting for us. We finally headed towards the spot and his phone dies!!!! At this point I’m tired and hot from walking around all day and stubbornly did not want to keep walking. He finally convinced me to keep going further to meet up with our friends and he led me to a beautiful blanket with a heart made of rose petals, champagne, and an engagement ring sitting in the center! He got on one knee and popped the question! The kicker is, I jumped on him to hug him and never actually said “YES” or took the ring as  he so kindly pointed out to me later!!! I was too excited about the proposal itself. I will never live it down haha.

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