Becky & Ron’s Puppy Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Don’t you just love engagement sessions with pups!  While their wedding planning has just begun, Becky and Ron were excited to kick off their year of planning with a special engagement session at their home’s complex and bring along their dogs to join in on the fun.

Just a little under two years ago, Becky would have never guessed that starting her new job at Colorado Fondue Company would lead to meeting the love of her life.  The two kicked it off from the beginning and loved being matched up on nights to work with one another.  Just three months in to starting her job, Ron asked her out on an official date and their relationship began.

Becky and Ron both love the same characteristic about each other, which is that they both push the other to do better in life.  Since becoming a couple, Ron has received two promotions at work and Becky is closing in on finishing her Bachelor’s degree.  As Becky explains, “whenever one of us is struggling to cope, the other is always there to give that extra push.”

Ron knew he had found ‘the one’ in his beloved Becky.  She made him a better man and he absolutely could not imagine his life without her.  Having purchased the ring, he didn’t have an exact time he would propose, but thought it might be nice during their trip to Savannah.  Unfortunately, their trip came and went quickly, as it was cut short due to part of it having to be cancelled.  Keeping the ring close, Ron knew that the right moment would come when he would know to ‘pop’ the question.

As the holidays approached, so did their annual company Christmas party.  The two had a blast hanging out with their friends, but realized on their way home that they hadn’t officially made holiday plans for themselves.  Ron knew at that moment it was time.  Walking up their stairs to their apartment and into their front door, Ron asked Becky to come over and admire their adorable tree.  Asking her to look closely, Becky found the engagement ring he had kept safe for so long.  Emotional and spur of the moment, the two could not have made better plans for the holidays than to become engaged!

With so much to take in and so much to plan, my sweethearts recommended that you remember what wedding planning is all about – the two of you!  Their advice, make sure you take time to check out from the wedding planning process, go on a date, and just enjoy one another – you are only fiancés’ for so long!

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