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Three Little Fairy Princesses

On a monthly basis, I am welcomed into the home of my sweet friends Amanie and Tarek to photograph their darling daughters.  Over the past three years, it has been an incredible experience that just keeps getting better and better as I watch them grow.

Welcoming baby Luna to the family on June 22nd, who is now three months old and the youngest of the three sisters, she is just such a little ray of sunshine.  Going from two little ones to three, I asked mommy Amanie how her and Tarek’s world has changed, which she explained, “it’s heartwarming to see how the older girls interact with baby Luna.  Now there’s just more to love, it has made me a more patient and easy going person in general.”

For Laila, she became a big sister with the arrival of her other little sister Livia.  Laila was and still is an incredibly nurturing bigger sister, wanting to hug Livia for a picture and talking to her about the flowers they were holding.  Being the oldest, she also feels direction is in order when expecting her little sisters to listen to her, which of course rarely happens haha.  In addition to Laila’s nurturing personality, that same nurturing demeanor was passed along to Livia, as the two fawned over their baby sister.  Both calling little Luna “my baby Luna,” they clearly feel that as her big sister they need to protect and love her with all their hearts.

It is so incredible to see how different Laila, Livia, and Luna’s personalities all are between one another.  Laila at first was definitely has a vivacious personality, while Livia tends to be more laid back.  Luna, all smiles for the camera, is a mix of the two as Amanie explains, “for the most part she is very laid back and chill, but she definitely has some fire in her!”

A true “Florida girl,” little Luna loves to soak up the sun and enjoyed our outdoor session.  More and more each of Amanie and Tarek’s little group of three’s personalities flourish.  Looking forward to capturing little Luna next month for her four month old session!

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