Picking a DJ

Bridal Tips: Keeping the Dance Floor Hot

Picking a Wedding DJ

For this month’s bridal tips, we are partnering up with Roeshink Entertainment on the topic of picking the perfect DJ.  Based in Central Florida, DJ Vince and his Roeshink Entertainment team travel throughout Florida for weddings and events.  Sitting down with Vince, I wanted to better understand what our couples should look for when picking a DJ, what to expect on wedding day from their DJ, and what services DJs offer.
Picking a Wedding DJ
What to ask when picking a DJ for your big day?  With so many vendors to go through during the planning process for your wedding, a DJ is definitely one of the important vendors in that they play such an integral part in keeping the flow going from ceremony to reception.  Vince explained, the following six questions are super critical to ask:
  1. What type of reviews does the DJ have on wedding specific websites?  A seasoned DJ should have a substantial amount of reviews that are very positive.  Negative reviews sprinkled in would be cause for concern as it may mean that they are not consistent in their professionalism, capabilities, or expectations of their clients.
  2. Does the DJ have liability insurance?  The majority of venues require a general liability form.  As Vince explained, “it amazes me that some DJs refuse to spend the money for liability insurance when it is a vital piece of your service that protects not only the DJ company, but guests as well.”
  3. How does the DJ motivate a shy crowd to dance?  Such a great question!  While we have had couples who LOVE to dance, occasionally their guests may be a little shy when it comes to boogying-on-down on the dance floor.  Vince explained, that each DJ should have several tricks in their arsenal to get guests on the dance floor.  They may possibly provide a special dance for guests, such as an anniversary dance, DJ mash up, or dance line which will really do the trick to get the night started and keep it going.
  4. What is the DJs backup plan if there’s an equipment malfunction?  Electronics unfortunately have the potential to fail, no matter how amazing or expensive they are.  Vince explained that “early on in my DJ career, I made it a point to bring backup equipment for any possible scenario.”  Based on this professionalism, he has obtained preferred status on many venues’ preferred vendors list when other DJs were taken off because their equipment failed mid-ceremony or even mid-reception, causing a bad experience for couples.  By bringing backup equipment along for every scenario possible, it ensures that whether the ceremony and reception are outside or inside, he can accommodate accordingly.
  5. Can the DJ act as a master of ceremonies?  First off, I had to understand what a “master of ceremonies” was?  Vince explained, a master of ceremonies means that your DJ is not only playing tunes, but also introducing speech givers, announcing critical moments such as formal dances, releasing tables to dine, and helping with the overall flow to the day.  A seasoned DJ, should be able to not only DJ, but also be an emcee throughout the day.
  6. How does the DJ handle song requests?  While we all love our friends and family who attend our big day, we may not love their song choices.  Vince explained, “check what type of protocol the DJ will be using as it pertains to song requests.”  For instance, you can either decide for the DJ to only adhere to your song list, or to accept certain types of songs requested from guests, i.e. a certain genre, era, etc.

Picking a Wedding DJ

How can your DJ help in planning your big day?  The flow or itinerary for your wedding is the most critical attribute when it comes to the DJ helping with your wedding day planning from the wedding ceremony, to cocktail hour, and finally the reception.  As Vince explained that his team provides a DJ itinerary that captures the flow from timing to song selections, which is adjustable and flexible to go with the flow of your day.  One of the critical elements from this is question is to understand how “go with the flow” your DJ is.  If they are not willing to adjust from their timeline to accommodate customization for your wedding day, it would be a sign to you that they are potentially not the right fit.

Picking a Wedding DJ

What additional services do DJs offer?  Bundling services through your DJ is a great way to save on your wedding budget.  In addition to offering DJ services, Roeshink Entertainment also offers uplighting, cake pinspotting, custom wall monograms, special dance floor lighting, projector and screens for wedding presentations, and of course some pretty killer photo booths.

A special thanks to Vince for answering all of my questions!  Click here to contact Roeshink Entertainment or by calling 386-479-5469 for more information on DJ services!

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