Pinewood Estate Engagement

Marissa & Shane’s Pinewood Estate Engagement

Pinewood Estate Engagement at Bok Tower Gardens

Marissa and Shane met me out at beautiful Bok Tower Gardens for their Pinewood Estate engagement.  Envisioning a backdrop filled with greenery, and the elegance of the estate, we knew that Bok Tower Gardens would be the perfect backdrop.

Puppy Love

Roxy and Jude, while not pictured in our engagement session, Marissa and Shane’s pups were what brought them together. Back in May of 2016 while Marissa and her pup, and Shane and his pup, were both visiting the Davis Island dog park, the two connected and brought their owners together.  Now best friends, Roxy and Just couldn’t be happier Marissa and Shane found love.

Falling in love with Shane’s excitement for life, Marissa explained that he is “always down for an adventure and is constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone, which I love.”  Waking up everyday, ready to take the world on, Marissa loves how he is willing to share his world with her.  For Shane, one of the many things he loves about Marissa, is her passion for novelty.  As Shane explains, Marissa “thrives on new pursuits and is always down to try just about anything once.  She will go along with just about any plan, which leads to some unforgettable and fun adventures.”

Torres Del Paine Proposal

Speaking of adventure, Shane’s proposal to Marissa was most certainly one of their favorite adventures shared together.  While visiting Chile, the two decided to explore Torres Del Paine in Patagonia where Shane ended up proposing.  Knowing he wanted to propose to Marissa at the beautiful park, he was definitely nervous about getting the ring through customs without Marissa discovering it.  As the two walked around the camp grounds of the park, they came to a large field filled with white wild flowers.  The picturesque setting was already beautiful just as it was, but to add to the beauty the Andes Mountains could be viewed all around them.

Deciding to stay and watch the sunset over top of the Andes Mountains, Shane knew the moment was right and dropped to one knee, proposing to Marissa.  Of course, she said, “yes!”Truly the perfect moment for their forever to begin on!Looking forward to capturing Marissa and Shane tie the knot this coming February at beautiful Sunken Gardens in St Pete, Florida!VendorsVenue: Bok Tower Gardens


Venue: Bok Tower Gardens

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