Post Wedding Checklist

Bridal Tips: Post-Wedding Checklist

Your checklists aren’t quite over after the big day has come and gone.  With so much excitement leading up to your wedding, it is crazy to think how quickly it flew by as you celebrated with friends and family.  Living in the moment during your special day is so important, and remembering those who celebrated with you is just as important.  Here are a few items rounded up from The KnotBridal Guide, and Huffington Post of checklist items to finish up after tying the knot…

1. Marriage Certificate – this is by far number the most important item on our list.  Most counties/states require filing within 30 days from when you tie the knot or pick up your marriage certificate.  Ensure to check with your county/state for filing instructions and to file by the time they tell you.  If your officiant is filing your certificate for you, check in within one week from tying the knot to ensure they have done so and of course check in with the county/state to ensure they received it.  If not filed on time, you may have to request a new certificate and have to add a date that is not your wedding day.

2. Thank You Letters – while going through gifts you received on your big day, take the time to make a list of what you received and from whom.  Including a special hand written note of thanks mentioning the gift you received is always a thoughtful and more personal way to thank the gift-giver.  Don’t forget to mail out your thank you letters within a month from tying the knot.

3. Last Name – if changing your last name, ensure you do so before filing your taxes next year to make things easier. offers an online option for only $30!

4. Wedding Dress Preservation – let’s be real… you partied hard on your big day just like you should!  Your dress might not be as pristine as the time you purchased it, but that is okay because you can have it dry cleaned and preserved.  Just a note, before taking it to the dry cleaners ensure to remove any special patches sewn in.  For example, a love note patch sewn in from your mom or fiance in ink may wash out during the dry cleaning process.  Ps. another option verses storing your gown in a box hidden in your closet would be to feature it in a frame on your wall.

5. Wedding Albums and Canvases – my brides know that while I LOVE seeing their wedding day photos posted on social media, I love even more when I see canvases and albums featured in their home.  Such a special day should be framed to remember every day and not just when a time hop appears on your Facebook timeline.  Luckily we offer all of our printing at wholesale to our clients, meaning you pay what we pay!

6. Returns – make sure to return any unused items your purchased for your big day and duplicate gifts before the return policy is up.

7. Financial Stuff – from updating your bank accounts to making a will.  It is important to look at all of your financial stuff and figure out what might need to be changed.  Don’t forget to update the beneficiary on your retirement accounts as well, which do not always abide by what is listed in a will.  Consult with your financial advisor for more information.

8. Health Insurance – some health insurance companies have a 30 day requirement for registration.  If combining your health insurance, ensure to check in on the requirements before your big day so you are ready to provide the necessary information after.  Consult with your financial planner for more information.

9. Wedding Website and Registries – a mixed opinion item, it is traditionally customary to leave your registry up for one year after your wedding date in case guests who could not come to celebrate with you still want to offer a gift.  However some registries and websites may have fees associated with them, so consider this when deciding if you should leave them up or take them down.

10. Enjoy Married Life – take a moment to have a date night celebrating the milestone moment the two of you have shared after your wedding day and honeymoon.  Always nice to celebrate on your one month anniversary!

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