Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement

Victoria & Donald’s Sawgrass Lake Park Engagement – Captured by Jacob

Victoria and Donald met us out at Sawgrass Lake Park for their gorgeous engagement session.  Situated near downtown St Petersburg, it was the perfect spot to capture their love!

How They Met

We are both from St Pete and met through mutual friends when I (Tori) was living out of state. Shortly after I moved back, we were both on the same camping trip with friends in January of 2017, and really clicked! Donnie asked a friend for my number and called me the next week to ask me on a date. The rest is history!! We have done a camping trip every anniversary since and I hope we can continue that tradition!

What They Love Most

Tori about Donnie: I love how much he makes me laugh. He’s kept me laughing from the day I met him and I have no doubt we’re going to spend our whole life cracking up. I also love all the little things he does for me, especially if I’m extra busy or stressed. I feel like we make a great team. Bonus points that he’s also super cute.

Donnie about Tori: First of all, her sense of humor. Without it, life would be dull. Secondly, it has to be her driving personality. She strives to succeed and that makes me want to do the same. Last but not least, is her caring nature. She always looks out for me, through thick and thin. There’s something to be said for that.

The Proposal

Donnie was planning to propose to me on a 4th of July camping trip. He got too excited a few hours after picking up the ring on June 30th and ended up popping the question in our kitchen while we were making fajitas. It was really cute that he couldn’t wait, we went and told a few family members that evening and had our weekend trip to relax and celebrate!

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