Science Lab Engagement

Andrea & Collin’s Science Engagement

When my couple Andrea and Collin approached me about a science themed engagement session, I just knew that I had to make it happen. Months went by of posting S.O.S. help me notes on Facebook, emailing high schools, emailing colleges, and calling teachers to find a science lab we could borrow. Even though I probably received over 50 nos to the idea, I kept persevering and that is when my sweet friend Sue offered. Sue knew of a lab that we could probably borrow for our session and worked on getting approval from her dean.

Keeping Andrea in the loop the whole time, she must have thought I was crazy to keep trying. I was determined. The idea and the shots were in my mind and there was no way I was going to let their dream engagement not happen. While Sue worked on getting approval, my couple worked on their plans to come down from Tallahassee. Putting their trust in me, they ventured the four hour drive down to a lab we had both never seen.

Upon arriving, Sue greeted us with her warm smile and excitement to help make our shoot happen! The lab was PERFECT! Filled with tables, lab equipment, white walls, and rolling chairs, it screamed SCIENCE! You may have seen my couple before during their “Notebook” engagement that inadvertently happened when it started pouring down on us. Making the best of our time together, they splashed in puddles and kissed in the rain. It was during their first engagement that I realized how silly they were and how much I just couldn’t wait to be a part of their big day.

Collin surprised me by bringing dry ice to the session. It gave the perfect “this is about to blow up” feel with a little bit of smoke coming out of our beakers. Andrea’s adorable, but deadly, virus and disease plus toys made their second appearance (previously hid out in a tree during our first session) for a handful of photos as well. From microbes to amoebas, each one smiled perfectly for the camera.

The two are also very sentimental. Collin wore his original science lab shoes that he first met Andrea in. They even contemplated having him wear them for the wedding day, but ended up deciding dress shoes would be best hehe. The lab coats are also important to the two, as the coats were their original lab coats back in college. Last, but not least, don’t you just love the ring shots! They pop because of the vintage, gold microscopes Andrea picked up before the shoot.

Shoots like these take so much planning, but are so incredibly worth it. I always push for my couples to choose a theme and location that has meaning to them. Sometimes it is a walk in a favorite park nearby and sometimes it is visiting a fully packed science lab to get your inner science geek on with your photographer.

Ps. For those of you who do not know me well (yet!)… I am a complete nerd! My couple had their fair share of my extensive questions about how everything worked and what every little plush amoeba could do. Looking forward to capturing their special day at Mission Inn this coming year 🙂




  1. This idea is so super adorable and unique! I love that they are wearing the lab coats and the bright colored vials definitely give this a ‘mad scientist’ look. Beautiful engagement photography Samantha!

  2. What a fun and unique engagement session idea! I have never seen a photo shoot in a lab, and it turned out wonderfully! They seem like such a fun couple 🙂

  3. I truly feel engagement sessions are a way for people to show off a couples personality and their story and this is a perfect representation for this couples dynamic. I love this science themed engagement session seriously so unique.

  4. I love how much time was spent making this Orlando engagement session so unique. Their personalities were captured and I’m sure they’re going to look back on these pictures for many years!

  5. What a great idea! A science themed Orlando engagement session. I love this fun theme. The images came out really great! How fun! My favorite image is the ring shot featured on the microscope! Wow, what an amazing ring!

  6. I remember this couple’s rainy day session, and this science lab engagement session could not have been more perfect for them! Engagement sessions are the perfect chance to show a couple’s interests and what helps them bond, and science is definitely a thing for this pair! I can’t wait to see their wedding portraits too! They have such great personalities, I know you will capture all of that at their Orlando wedding as well!

    1. Author

      Aww Christine! I couldn’t agree more. While we were rained out the first time, it was almost a good thing because we pushed to find a better location. Thank you for remembering!

  7. This is such a great engagement photography session! I love how unique, and tailored to the client this is. Great job pulling it off so well!

  8. Such a fun engagement session! I love when couple’s have a tonne of personality and are really fun. Hopefully there wasn’t any explosions in the lab! Glad you could find a location for this Orlando couple.

  9. What a fun lab themed engagement shoot Samantha! You captured tons of beautiful moments with the happy couple! My favorite shot are those stunning ring shots on the microscope!

  10. What better way to express your chemistry with someone than with chemistry! This is so different but still so amazing! I love how they incorporated their love for science into their love for each other. Such a sweet and unique engagement session that really gave us a glimpse into their lives and their personality. This session was absolutely perfect and looked like so much fun.

  11. Oh my goodness I love everything about this engagement session. I absolutely love that its not your typically engagement session and it captures their genuine interests, love and connection. And I am so impressed how well you captured it in this setting! Great job!

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