Smoke Bomb Engagement

Adrian & Andreina’s Smoke Bomb Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Smoke Bomb Engagement

Andreina and Adrian met me out in Winter Park for their smoke bomb engagement.  Having fallen in love with Kraft Azalea from seeing prior engagement sessions captured there, they just knew it would be the perfect location for the backdrop of their session.

First Introductions

Almost five years back, Adrian and Andreina first met on Andrienne’s first day of work at Sunglass Hut in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Staring off into the distance outside of the window, Andreina was in a deep day dream when Adrian approached her.  A little taken aback as she had snapped back to the moment, Adrian jokingly said to Andreina that “don’t worry, it gets funner,” which Andreina responded with “funner is not a word.”  Adrian followed up with “oh you’re one of those people huh?  I don’t think we’ll get along.” with which Andreina responded “one of those people who speaks proper English?  Then yes, that’s me.  I guess we won’t be.”  Well as I am sure you can tell where this is going, the two clearly had a connection that developed after their rocky introduction.  Fast forward five years later, Andreina is still correcting Adrian’s grammar, but of course he doesn’t mind at all.

Right off the bat from the moment they met, Adrian could tell how strong of a woman Andreina is.  Falling in love with her strength, perseverance, and of course her stunning eyes, wasn’t hard at all.  For Andreina, she fell in love with Adrian’s patience, artistic views, and super cool beard.

A Proposal at Mt. Hood

Just under five years into their relationship, Adrian knew there was no time like the present to propose to Adrian while on a getaway vacation to Portland, Oregon in April of 2018.  Planning out the trip, he ensured they would be visiting the Lavender Farms, which was where he would pop the question.  However, pan B came into play when they arrived to the farms being closed.  While Adrian was rather upset by the farms being closed, Andreina wasn’t concerned at all as she was distracted in admiring Mt. Hood.

Deciding to see if another entrance was available, the two headed to another section of the farms, which was when Andreina noticed a photographer nearby – a clue of what was to come!  Deciding to stop and admire the scenery for a bit, Andreina realized the photographer nearby was snapping photos in the area they were in.  Thinking that she was in his shot, she mentioned to Adrian that they should move over more, which was when Adrian said not to worry, followed by how much he loved her.  That was when Andreina realized the random photographer was not so random at all and part of Adrian’s plan to capture the moment.  Getting down tot one knee, he asked Andreina for her hand in marriage with her mother’s ring that she had passed down to Andreina.  Of course Andreina said, “yes!”

Looking forward to our team capturing Andreina and Adrian tie the knot this coming May at Bird Island Lake Ranch in Dade City, Florida!

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