Jennifer & Giovany’s Smyrna Dunes Park Engagement – Captured by Dawn

Jennifer and Giovany were straight out of a magazine for their engagement session at Smyrna Dunes Park! A perfect sunset made these photos even sweeter.

How They Met

Jennifer and Giovany matched on the dating app Bumble in April 2019 in Atlanta. They officially met one month later for mojitos (their favorite). Unlike any other first date, Jennifer recommended they keep the night going and go dancing. It was like a Miami-themed night in Atlanta and this Southern belle made him feel at home. Giovany grew up in Miami, but is from Haiti. Jennifer is born-and-raised in Atlanta, but went to University of Tampa. The wedding is in Tampa because they wanted a drivable middle-ground for those coming from Atlanta or Miami.

What They Love Most

From the beginning God provided special signs that they were “meant to bee” from their mutual love of cars to Caribbean food/culture. As a couple they are very supportive of each other, kind to all people, and strong characters for social justice/equality.

Smyrna Dunes Park Engagement Smyrna Dunes Park Engagement Smyrna Dunes Park EngagementSmyrna Dunes Park Engagement Smyrna Dunes Park Engagement


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