St Augustine Engagement

Heather & Zack’s Downtown St. Augustine Engagement

St Augustine Engagement

Heather and Zack met me out in the heart of downtown St. Augustine for their engagement session.  A special city, the two will be coming back this July to tie the knot at the Treasury on the Plaza!

Friendship to Romance

My sweethearts story began in the salon where Heather’s mom worked.  Visiting every other month or so to get his haircut, Zack would see Heather in the shop, but didn’t officially chat until one day when he was helping Heather carry a few items to the back of the salon.  Chitchatting for a bit, the two quickly became friends and even began working at a local pizza shop together.  Seeing one another often and a solid friendship, built the groundwork for Zack to ask Heather out to be his prom date.  Absolutely ecstatic, Heather accepted, and on that day Zack asked her to officially be his girlfriend by handing her a rose when picking her up – and guess what, she still has that special rose!

High School Sweethearts

Falling in love with one in high school, the two have truly been blessed to grow together from kids to adults, along with their love for one another growing too.  As Heather explains, “we, as adults, have grown a lot together, as individuals, and as a couple, and it’s so much fun to look back at our memories from when we were so young and in high school!  We always find a reason to smile and laugh together, and we love that about each other.”  I must say, that you can feel the love between my couple when they would look at one another for pictures.  There is just an essence that is hard to explain when you see such a beautiful love.

The next chapter in their lives…

Knowing Heather was the one, Zack began planning out his proposal to her once they moved in together.  While the two had talked about marriage and picked out rings, they decided that it would still be a surprise for when Zack popped the question.  In turn, Heather had no idea if he would be proposing in six months or even six years!  Well, that proposal didn’t come long after… joining Zack on a group bike trip to Michigan and afterwards Ohio, Heather never would have guessed the next chapter of their life would begin during their fun little getaway.  Taking pictures often as a group, they stopped to check out the view.  The guys asked the girls to get together for a group picture.  While turned away to view the gorgeous landscape, Zack got down one one knee and asked for Heather to turn back to him.  Completely unexpected she turned to find Zack proposing to her, along with the guys holding up a huge proposal banner!  While she knew the moment was coming, she never knew exactly when or where, and truly Zack’s proposal could not have been more perfect!

As my couple plans for their big day, the best piece of advice they have for others doing the same, would be to “take a minute to breath it all in.”  As Heather explains, she looks forward to seeing her grandparents, catching up with family, enjoying the dancing and laughing, and most importantly to seeing Zack in a new light as her husband.  We can get so caught up in all of the details, so by really just having a moment to sit back and take it all in, seeing the beautiful faces of those you love in front of you who came to celebrate, that is what is all about!

Looking forward to capturing Heather and Zack tie the knot this July at the Treasury on the Plaza and working with Coastal Coordinating for their big day!

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