Kendra & Jonathan’s Puppy Love Engagement

Puppy Love Engagement

There is nothing I love more when the whole family is included in an engagement session.  When Kendra and Jonathan stepped out of their car to say hi, I was also greeted by two of the most adorable pups – Merle and Bagel.  While my couple looking absolutely stunning – I must say that their two little fur-babies may have stole the show!

How They Met

A travel nurse, Kendra’s career brought her to the Sarasota area – specifically Sarasota Memorial Hospital.  Working there for a bit, she overheard about a cute guy nicknamed “the cooky guy” for his humor.  A colleague of hers who was talking about Jon, showed Kendra a picture on Facebook – super cute and loving the idea of how goofy he was, he definitely got her attention.

Coincidentally, just a few days later Kendra was in need of help with a patient – that was when Jon stepped in who happen to be in her unit.  Quickly introducing himself and kind enough to help her situate her patient, Jon made quite the impression on Kendra through his kindness.  As the “debonaire” he is (coined by Kendra!), he casually slid her his number across the desk and asked her about getting together to hang out.  Before the two knew it, and almost instantaneously, they were in love.  Fate had brought Kendra to Sarasota and Jon into her life.

What They Love Most

As I am sure you have guessed it, Jon’s sense of humor and the way how he can always make Kendra smile is definitely one of her favorite characteristics in him.  As she explains, “he is my should to cry on, my confidant, and the one who loves me whole heartedly in spite of my flaws.  He is my best friend.”

For Jon, it is how beautiful Kendra is inside and out.  Not only is she “drop dead gorgeous” as he so sweetly describes her on the outside, but also “wicked smart, funny, and has a good heart” on the inside.  Everyday, it is the way that Kendra smiles at him that melts his heart, and how in his 32 years of existence he has never felt so loved or cared for.

The Proposal

Five years into their relationship, Jon popped the question proposing to Kendra.  During a Christmas gift, Jon purchased plane tickets to Denver, Colorado where they stayed at Keystone Ski Resort.  Waking up early on January 28th, the two ventured out for a little skiing on the slopes.  After spending time seeing the downhill views, Jon suggested they go uphill on the gondola to the highest mountain at the resort.

It felt like the mountain was their own, as they were the only two on the gondola headed up.  About halfway up, Jonathan pulled Kendra in tightly, turned to her, and said, “you know I love you, and one day we will get married.”  Smiling back at Jon, and laughing a little by how spontaneous his comment was, she had did not even foresee what was about to happen!

Jon continued on, “I know we make each other crazy, but theres no one else I’d rather have make me crazy for the rest of my life.  Will you marry me?”  Queue the ugly crying tears (as Kendra puts it – but seriously Kendra, no way tears of joy could ever by ugly!).  Wells he definitely lost it as she puts it, crying, hugging, kissing, and of course said, “yes!”  The two were utterly overjoyed with emotion – and truly Jon pulled off the perfect proposal that Kendra never suspected coming!

The Pups

Now, while Kendra may not have seen Jon’s proposal coming – we should give credit to two others who may have – Merle and Bagel, their pups!  The two could also not imagine life with their “anything goes” kinda pup Merle and life of the party Bagel.  Jon, a firefighter, and Kendra, a nurse, the two have very long days that can be very difficult at times.  Coming home to their fur-babies welcoming them at the door though always melts away the stress though.

And of course, I can’t end without inputting a little more about what sounds like dating profiles (???) written by Jon for Merle and Bagle: Merlse “loves to snuggle and lick people” along with being a great co-pilot on a long car ride, while Bagel “loves attention and belly rubs.”  Ironically while their personalities are different, their interests include “listening to NPR, rope toy, entertaining guests, carrots, blueberries, and cheese.”  I mean if that doesn’t want you to cuddle these little two furry balls of joy than what would!

Not sure if it is possible, but I am definitely looking forward to capturing Kendra and Jon’s big day as much as their pups Merle and Bagel are to see their mom and dad tie the knot!

Venue: Lake Lousia State Park

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