Stetson University Senior Photographer

Kasey’s Lake Mary High School Senior Portraits at Stetson University

You may remember my gorgeous senior Kasey from a few of her sister shots with her sister Maddy during Maddy’s senior portraits at WB Equestrian. We planned out for the twins to have separate sessions that represented their personalities and location of choice. Maddy’s equestrian inspired shoot was perfect for her love of horses, while we headed over to Stetson University for Kasey’s college inspired session.

Kasey was actually sought after during her freshman year of high school at Lake Mary High School to play college softball. Intelligent, hardworking, and determined Kasey successfully made incredible connections with many schools. With her eye on the prize at Stetson, Kasey will soon be hearing back about going to her number one choice!

Excited to start the next chapter in her life, Stetson is the perfect balance of independence, but still not being too far away from home. Her excitement is bubbling over while waiting the application process to hear back on the final sign off. As Kasey explains, “I have enjoyed getting all of my applications tuff done for Stetson, because I am so much closer to signing and making it official; and all of my dreams of playing Division 1 come to reality.

Softball has truly shaped Kasey’s life throughout the years. From the friendships she has built with her team through demonstrating leadership, teamwork, and patience to learning that “you have to work hard for everything you do and nothing comes easy in life.” It grounds her and keeps her humble in learning defeat, overcoming obstacles, and pushing herself to be the best she can be. It is so incredible to hear Kasey speak about her passion and love for the sport. You truly understand how much value it has in her life and how it has shaped her into the beautiful person she is. Softball has also given her and pushed her to be incredibly independent and reliant on herself. As she explains it, “if you want to get better you have to want it yourself by going to workouts and lessons and doing stuff on yoru own without your parents always having to tell you to do that.” It is ‘you’ that pushes yourself to make it to the future ‘you’ want and Kasey fully understands this and is ready for the challenge. Her determination is endless and I know that great things will continue to happen for her in life, because of it!

With the next chapter approaching, it is always nice to reflect on one prior one closing. High school is such a pivotal chaper in one’s life and developing into becoming a beautiful young adult. Kasey loves the lasting friendships shes built throughout her time at Lake Mary High School and is looking forward to creating new ones as well.

College will also be a time for her to solidify her career choice. Her love of sports is key in deciding what route she wants to go with whether it be sports business or physical therapy. What I know is that no matter what path she takes, by incorporating her passion of sports into her career she will go far and love what she does.

With the Fava sisters portraits coming to an end, it has been so incredible to get to know these two girls and their family. Truly inspirational, while incredibly different they both have a solid foundation to move forward from and I see as much success in their future as determination in their hearts. Congratulations to my 2017 graduates!

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