Sweet Sixteen Months

Luna’s Sweet Sixteen Months

Sweet Sixteen Months

Little Luna and her mommy Amanie met me out at beautiful Mead Botanical Garden for Luna’s “Sweet Sixteen” months baby session.  Bringing along a piano, change of clothes, and a delicious donut set up, Amanie could not be more of a super mom!

In addition to being a super mom, Amanie is also the mastermind behind the idea for a “Sweet Sixteen” months baby session.  I loved how clever it was from the start when we captured Luna’s sisters Laila and Livia’s sweet sixteen session and was so excited to also be able to capture hers as well.  Over the past sixteen months there have been so many beautiful moments that the family has cherished with Luna, but one of the best happens daily when putting Luna to bed.  Looking up with her big brown eyes at her mommy and daddy, it just melts their hearts.  Cherishing these sweet little moments is what parenthood is all about.

Loving life, Luna spends most of her time playing with her sisters, singing – she LOVES to sing, and also watching her mommy bake the most delicious cookies.  Truly a little master chef in training, Luna just enjoys time with her family the most – and of course all of the sweet treats she gets to help bake!

Over the next sixteen months, Amanie explained that what she looks forward to must is hearing Luna talk and engage in conversation with her sisters.  Her sweet little voice brings so much joy to her family every time she works on saying a new word.

Happy sweet sixteen months little Luna!

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