Wendy & Jeremy’s Sydonie Mansion Engagement – Captured by Jacob

Wendy and Jeremy had a stunning session at the unique Sydonie Mansion in Mt. Dora, Florida. Congratulations to these two love birds!

How They Met

Nov. 2015 We worked at dealerships that were side by side. I was in Toyota Collision Center (estimator) and Jeremy was over at Chevy (Service writer). He brought over a customer’s white Camaro to get repaired. I asked if I could move it out the drive, and he asked if I knew how to drive manual, I said of course. We took a ride around the parking lot, said our bye’s with the biggest smiles on our faces, then we didn’t see each other for 3 months after that. I ended up thinking he was another guy that looked so similar, oddly his name was Jeremy too. Tried to say hi, he ignored me and I was like ok? That’s rude! Forget you. Beginning of 2016 I saw the real Jeremy in one of my coworker’s offices with a huge smile, I said hi to him, he left, & told my coworker I thought he was cute. Coworker ended up telling him, he called me his wife on speaker which I blushed over. Once he knew I was interested, he asked my coworker for my number. She told him no, that I said he can only get it by asking me only. He walked right over minutes later and asked me for my number. We’ve been together ever since!

Love for Each Other

From the beginning I loved Wendy’s energy, smile, personality.  I can honestly say I’m 100% myself around her and don’t have to fake anything. She definitely brings me up and adds so much value to my life. I feel there’s not another person like Wendy on this earth.  I love waking up to her and spending a couple minutes of cuddling in bed before I go to work, makes my day so much better and sets the tone.

The first thing I noticed and loved right away was Jeremy’s presence, his smile. He is genuinely one the nicest guy I have ever known. His kind heart, patience, the ability to make me feel safe.

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