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Donna & Josh’s Winter Sunrise Engagement

Winter Sunrise Engagement

Donna and Josh met me out at Lake Louisa for their stunning sunrise engagement.  Forest green hues, plaid, and sun shining through gave way to what felt like a dreamy winter sunrise session.

She always caught his eye…

My couple’s story actually began when they were kids.  For many years, the two knew each other as Josh went to school with six of Donna’s siblings.  However, it wasn’t until Donna’s older sister Mel started hanging out with Josh’s best friend Justin, that Josh began to hang out more and more with Donna, along with getting to know her better.  Since Donna was in a long-term relationship at the time, the moment wasn’t right (quite, yet!) for Josh to ask Donna out, however he doted though that “Donna was one of the girls that had always caught my eye, she was just so beautiful.”

As the years passed, Donna’s prior relationship came to an end, she was wrapping up nursing school, and Josh has begun his career.  Still keeping in contact with Donna, and his love growing deeper, Josh one day confided in his friend Justin that he had wished he had a shot with Donna.  Little did Josh know, Justin was going to intervene to make sure that happened!

Inviting Josh over to hang out with friends, Justin persuaded Josh to invite Donna over as well.  After a little convincing, he did, and Donna and her friend Erin accepted the invitation.  Along with hanging out, the group decided to go boating and while Josh wanted to make a move, he was too nervous as Donna’s sister Mel was also over.  As the night came to an end, Donna and Josh stayed behind while the group departed.  The two talked well into the night and realized how much they had in common.  As Josh explains, “life has a way of bringing people into your life at the perfect time.  I knew when our relationship started to flourish from that point, there was something different about her!”

What They Love Most

Falling in love with Josh, Donna has found that he can always warm her heart and bring the biggest smile to her face every single day.  As she explains, “every single day he reminds me how strong his love is for me.  No matter how rough of a day I have had, as soon as I come home he pus the biggest smile on my face with his amazing sense of humor and his kind words.”  For Josh, as we learned, his love for Donna began before they even became an item, and as explains, “what I love about Donna is her heart!  She wants to be a help to everyone in need.  She shines through her smile and you can tell she is genuine with the caring way she talks to you!  I couldn’t ask for a more loving partner than her.”

Finding ‘The One’

Josh knew very quickly into their relationship that he had found ‘the one’ and began planning out his proposal later on when they decided to take a trip to the Netherlands to visit Donna’s family for her grandmother’s 80th birthday party.  Donna suspected that Josh might propose on their trip, but after visiting several different towns, along with the magical Muiden Castle, she set aside her notion as he hadn’t proposed yet.  The following day after visiting the castle, the two joined Donna’s family for her grandmother’s birthday party.  The night started off with Donna’s mom giving a toast, and inviting Josh up for a toast following hers.  Completely unexpected, Donna’s heart began to pound and her hands began to get a little clammy with how nervous she was, as Josh turned to her, dropped to one knee, and instead of a toast, gave a proposal!  Of course Donna said, “yes!,” and loved how incredibly special the moment as since they were able to share it with Donna’s family.  As Donna reminisces, “It was not only a surprise for me, but it was a surprise for the whole family.  Nobody was expecting it, which made it even more amazing.  I will never forget that day!”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot next February at Lakeside Ranch in Inverness, Florida!

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  1. Beautiful love story and blessings toward many more years of pure love ❤️

  2. So Beautiful…………………Love the pics and so Happy for you two!

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