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Mellanie & Zachary’s Forest Engagement

Forest Engagement

Mellanie and Zachary met me out at Lake Louisa State Park for their darling southern woods engagement.  Visiting from out of town to plan out the details of their big day, the two made time to capture their love.

How They Met

While they knew one another through school, it wasn’t until connecting online that they became closer.  The two quickly realized how much they have in common, especially their love of attending Tampa Bay Lightning games together.  Truly they just click – and isn’t that what love is all about!

What They Love Most

Zach has a nurturing soul and as Mell explains is so caring that “he will drop anything he’s doing to make sure I am okay no matter what.”  One time he even drove across the country from Florida to Arizona just to check in on her.  For Zach, it is the way that Mell supports him through life.  From moving out of Florida for a promotion to the love she provides every day, Mell takes the time to show Zach how much she loves him in each and every way.

The Proposal

Living in South Carolina after a promotional move from Florida, Zach knew that Mell would do anything for him and he for her.  She was the one and when he was ready to propose included her mom and sister, of which she is very close too.  Mell’s sister and mom’s surprise visit was not the only surprise they had in store – they also brought along a little kitten!  Mell was over the moon for both the surprise little furry kitty cat they came with, and of course so over joyed to see her family.  The group planned out a few different activities during their stay, of which one included buying locks to put on the lock wall at the Lake Murray Dam.

While driving to the lock wall, Zach played “Play It Again” by Luke Bryan, which was ‘their song’ but Mell didn’t even realize what was in store or this little slight of hand that Zach unfolded.  Finding the perfect spot along the wall, Zach handed Mell a special lock that he had been hiding.  Reading the lock, it read “Will you marry me? September 9th 2015.”  The date was when they began dating and of course the question was clear as the sky above.  Turning around to look at Zach who was now on one knee, Mell said, “yes” as they placed the lock together.  Slipping on her engagement ring, Mell could not have been more overjoyed to have found her true love.


Venue: Lake Louisa State Park

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