Timacuan Golf Club Wedding

Jessica & Jeff’s Pastel Blue and Purple Timacuan Golf Club Wedding

Jessica and Jeff tied the knot during their Timacuan Country Club wedding. Their French country style could be seen throughout from pastel floral that went on for days to the crystal chandeliers hanging above their sweetheart table.

Online dating has become an incredible option to meet people now a days who you may never cross paths with. When Jessica stumbled upon Jeff’s profile on eHarmony that featured him holding his Great Dane, she became interested immediately. Jessica had a Great Dane puppy as well and of course liked the fact that Jeff did too. After a month of back and forth online convos, the two decided it was time to finally meet in person.

Let me just say that just like his wedding, Jeff was a ball of nerves meeting Jessica for the first time. The two decided to keep it casual and meet up in New Smyrna to walk along the pier and grab a bite to eat for dinner. After a few drinks, Jeff’s nerves subsided and Jessica even had him laughing and opening up. Their attraction was instant and their conversation flowed so incredibly well. Truly just as amazing as their online conversations, their first official date solidified how much they had in common. After dinner the two walked along the boardwalk back to their cars. Passing the shuffleboard court along the way, Jeff stopped Jessica and the two shared a first kiss. As Jessica remembers it, “it was a great first date, we met up again the next day and have been inseparable ever since.”

Jeff quickly fell in love by how funny and sweet Jessica is within their relationship and with their family. Being a veterinarian, Jeff is very passionate about animals and shares the love Jessica has for their fur family of Frank the Yorkie, Cooper the Great Dane, and their new kitten Charlie. Also a caretaker of life, Jessica is a nurse and her devotion to her patients is incredibly inspiring to Jeff. As Jeff describes Jessica, “she is very outgoing and that helps me because I can be shy, she has introduced me to a lot of new things by the things that we do together, such as art shows and exploring new areas around Orlando” and she even as Jeff puts it “tolerates my Disney obsession.”

Jessica loves how sweet and goofy Jeff is, as he is always making her laugh no matter what the situation may be. His passion for his family and love for his niece and nephew is such a joy for Jessica to see. As Jessica explains it, “he has an amazing heart and cares so much about the people close to him both family and friends, and he cares so much for his animal patients, he will always do his best for them.”

I just had to know how Jeff proposed to Jessica. It was at the end of February back at the first spot they met for their first date, New Smyrna Beach. That morning Jeff asked Jessica to go with him for lunch to New Smyrna Beach and walk around a little. Jessica didn’t know at the time that Jeff was beyond nervous, so nervous in fact that he was pale and well… a little sweaty haha. She truly though he was coming down with the flu and kept asking him if he felt okay. As they walked along the boardwalk the two found themselves back at the shuffleboard court where they shared their first kiss. Jeff turned to Jessica and told her that he had something to ask her, but was really nervous. Bending down on one knee, he nervously tossed the ring box into Jessica’s hand and asked if she would marry him. Of course Jessica said, “yes” and was absolutely over the moon in love. As Jessica reminisces, “he was so nervous that after asking me to marry him, he tossed the closed ring box at me and I caught it and opened it and the ring almost fell out!” Of course Jeff’s best man at the wedding mentioned this story, which had everyone laughing!

Jumping back to their big day, we started off capturing Jessica’s details while we waited for our groom to arrive. When Jeff came in with his groomsmen, we headed downstairs to capture their suiting up in the groom’s suite before Jessica arrived. The bridal suite at Timacuan Golf Club is truly a magical spot and one of my favorite places to capture my brides getting ready. Hair and makeup complete, Jessica arrived with her girls to put on her dress. My, oh my, did she look stunning! With mom’s help, her dress was laced up and we captured a few bridal portraits before heading to the veranda for their ceremony.

Centered between two stunning floral displays, the two shared their vows among friends and family before ending the ceremony with the breaking of the glass and sharing a first kiss. In Jewish tradition, the breaking of the glass symbolizes the breaking down of barriers between families and to protect the marriage with the implication that ‘as the glass shatters, so may your marriage never break.’ Of course everyone yelled “Mazel Tov” and the two shared a first kiss!

With the sun intermittent among the clouds, we headed downstairs to my favorite spot for family portraits among the shade of the large oak trees. After capturing family and wedding party portraits, we headed off on our golf carts to explore the course. It wasn’t long after taking the first turn that we saw the most beautiful yellow sunset just behind the trees. The light was just too perfect to not stop and take advantage of. I just love the intimacy and beauty in Jessica and Jeff’s portraits. It was clear as day of the connection that Jessica and Jeff share from the way he holds her to that glimmer in her eyes looking up at him.

Their reception was just as beautiful as their ceremony. I must say that I was in awe of the marvelous and very magical Disney inspired wedding cake created by Top Tier Wedding Cakes. It was as though each layer had a special and different feature from the cascading ribbons to the Minnie and Mickey hat ears as the topper.

Vince Roeshink with Roeshink Entertainment had guests dancing the night away after enjoying their amazing dinner catered by Timacuan Golf Club. Our night ended with a fabulous sparkler send off and hugs goodbye as the two headed home to prepare of their honeymoon.

Wishing my sweethearts a magical life together and an amazing honeymoon in Puerto Rico!

Venue: Timacuan Golf Club

Cake: Top Tier Wedding Cakes

DJ: Roeshink Entertainment

Rentals: A Chair Affair

Shoes: Michael Kors

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