Tropical Florida Engagement

Maddie & David’s Tropical Engagement – Captured by Dawn

Maddie and David met us out at a beautiful local park for their gorgeous tropical Florida engagement!  We just adored Maddie’s fabulous tropical dress to complete the vibe of their session!

How They Met

We met in 2014 when we were both cast in the lead rolls of newly engaged couple, Alice and Tony, in a local theatre production of  “You Can’t Take It With You”.  However, this was not the first time we had seen each other on stage. In 2005 David was in Lake Howell’s production of Talk Radio, which Madison saw at the District 5 Thespian competition. During that same competition Madison was in Edgewater High School’s production of Alice in Concert. They both watched each other perform on stage without realizing it until many years later.

What They Love Most

David about Maddie: When she’s around, it’s hard not to have a smile on my face. She is the most genuine person I know. I love the way she helps me grow. She is easily the funniest person I know and can make anyone laugh. She is also the best cat mom to our “boys”, Russell and Brixton.

Madison about David: David is the most patient person, especially with me. He is extremely thoughtful and always ready to help in anyway he can. I love that he plays along with my jokes and gets my sense of humor. He is always up for an adventure and makes the little things in life fun.

The Proposal

We actually had the the ring and booked our wedding venue before we were engaged. I knew it was going to happen sometime during the spring of 2020 just not sure when. Apparently David wanted to propose at  one of our favorite Theatre Festivals, The Fringe Festival in May, but because we had booked the venue already he went ahead and moved the proposal date up. Thank goodness! Fringe was cancelled due to covid. I teach preschool and David knew how much my preschool kids meant to me so he planned to surprise me at work one day and ask the question. He got one of his co-workers to come along and take pictures and film the whole thing. David got to to the preschool and met with the Director there and came up with a plan to get me and my class out on the playground. Once we were out there David came out and I immediately knew what was happening. The kids gathered all around us and were so excited. I said something along the lines of “Can I just have it?!” and “Duh!” . That was March 6th and on March 12th the preschool shut down for the rest of the school year due to covid. The timing couldn’t have been better.

Tropical Florida Engagement Tropical Florida Engagement Tropical Florida Engagement Tropical Florida Engagement Tropical Florida Engagement

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