Paradise Cove Wedding

Kayleigh & Richard’s Tropical Paradise Cove Wedding

Kayleigh and Richard’s Paradise Cove Wedding was absolute paradise! From cocktails on sandy shores to dancing all night under market lighting, the two had a vivacious wedding filled with family and friends. You may remember my sweet couple from their adorable engagement in Baldwin Park.

The two actually met back in calculus class at the University of West Florida back in 2012. While both in the same class, the two didn’t strike up a conversation until Kayleigh’s best friend set up a final exam study session in the library, which Richard casually overheard and crashed… haha. Walking up to the study group, Richard brought a backpack full of “liquid study guide,” as Kayleigh puts it. Richard was incredibly accommodating and grabbed everyone’s number to see if they wanted anything else for the study session before he ran to the grab a bite. Little did Kayleigh know, he was more interested in her darling smile and stunning eyes, and his offer was the perfect way to grab her digits. After several texts, Kayleigh agreed to go on a date with Richard and the rest is history!

Living in Lake Charles, Louisiana at the time, Richard planned a surprise vacation to Pensacola at The Portofino. Kayleigh was completely surprised by the vacation and Richard had even more in store. During their time away to relax, he brought her to her first Blue Angels Air Show followed by watching a beautiful sunset on the beach. Kayleigh just loves the beach and of course Richard loves Kayleigh so he wanted to include the beach in his proposal (how fitting to have their wedding at Paradise Cove!). Walking along the ocean shore, Richard dropped to one knee as the sun was setting and proposed to his wife to be Kayleigh. She of course said yes and the wedding planning began!

In one word, the two wanted a wedding that was fun. Their day was filled with dancing under market lighting to fabulous music played by DJ James with Soundwave Entertainment, life size Jenga and cornhole beach games, and of course, a grand entrance via speedboat by the groom to the ceremony! My personal favorite touch was how the two incorporated their teal color through the big day, from Kayleigh’s Tom shoes to Richard’s tie.

While the night winded down, guests gathered around my couple for one final dance. It was incredibly touching to see how loved the two are and you could truly feel it in the room. Wishing these two an amazing life together!

Venue: Paradise Cove

Dress Shop: LeAnn’s Bridal

Shoes: TOMS

DJ: Soundwave Entertainment

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