Turkey Lake Park Engagement

Woodsy One Year Anniversary at Turkey Lake Park

Turkey Lake Park engagements are always the best and even better when it is a one-year anniversary!  You may remember Shellsea and Lou’s beautiful wedding at Lake Eola and 310 Lakeside in Orlando.  After their wedding, we became good friends keeping in touch over the years.  When Shellsea approached me about capturing their family portraits, I jumped at the chance to be able to photograph my adorable couple again.  Their family has even grown from two to three with the addition of a furry pup Molly.

When planning our session, we looked for a large park that would be somewhat quiet with multiple areas away from other visitors.  I knew that Turkey Lake Park would be perfect and location wise was very close to their new home.  Upon arriving at the park, we headed for the large oak forest area for some whimsical shots.  Molly surprised us all when she took off and ran multiple circles around everyone.  I think she was just so excited and need to get a little energy out.

Shellsea brought along the cutest sparkly, grey and white blanket she found at Target.  Wrapped up together, it made for an intimate shot of her and Lou, while Molly took a little cat puppy nap.  After capturing their portraits in the oak forest, we headed to the back of the park for some more woodsy shots.  Molly was truly just a ball of energy, but settled down just long enough to grab a few more family photos.

Our session ended up at the kid’s park next to a rustic wooden fence.  It reminded me of an Arizona type feel with the throw blanket behind them.  Looking forward to seeing Shellsea’s holiday cards and capturing my incredible friends next year!

Venue – Turkey Lake Park










  1. Molly is so cute! I love that they included her in their family photo session. Turkey Lake Park is such a beautiful place to have family portraits taken.

  2. That is so wonderful that after photographing their wedding you are friends with the couple. I really love this family portrait session at Turkey Lake Park. It’s such a great place for family photos.

  3. I really love the colors of this portrait session at Turkey Lake Park. How perfect will their anniversary pictures be for their holiday cards! And don’t you just love when you get to know clients so well that they become your friends?! Gorgeous Orlando engagement photography!

  4. These couples holiday portraits at Turkey Lake Park in Orlando are just bright and beautiful! I love their unique wedding rings and of course their lovely pup!

  5. I love the variety of your posing and the many different photos of this couple! When I read that these family photos were taken a Turkey Lake, my immediately thought of a lake with a bunch of wild turkeys running around. Obviously not so! It’s a very pretty area of Orlando and a great choice for these family portraits.

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