Washington Oaks Engagement

Jasmine & Coltin’s Washington Oaks Engagement

Washington Oaks Engagement

Jasmine and Coltin met me out in beautiful St Augustine at Washington Oaks for their engagement session.  With the rain waiving back and forth from hour to hour, we felt incredibly excited for a moment of clear weather right as we pulled into the park.

Locker buddies in seventh grade, Jasmine and Coltin never guessed where their future would take them.  Back in middle school when they first met, Jasmine’s best friend had a crush on Coltin and Jasmine being her wing-woman would always try to make a match between the two.  Fast forward a few years to their senior year in high school, the two were locker buddies again and reconnected as friends.  After graduation, Coltin reached out to Jasmine to ride bikes together, as they both owned motorcycles, which led into an official first date with lunch and dessert.  Recalling that day, Jasmine reminisced that “I always get a twist with rainbow sprinkles, but before I could order, Coltin had already ordered that for himself and it him me in that moment that he could be the one.”

Falling in love with Jasmine’s sense of humor, her beautiful, and of course how much she cares about him, Coltin truly found the one.  He explained that Jasmine is “always there whenever I need her” and of course Jasmine feels the same about Coltin.  For Jasmine, Coltin’s support in all of her “little endeavors” and being the best dog and kitten dad to their four pets Marlo, Duchess, Gabriel, and Jerry truly sealed the deal.

Planning his proposal to Jasmine, Coltin picked up the ring early in the morning and couldn’t wait to pop the question later that night.  Getting home from work at midnight due to a late shift, and a little tired, Coltin convinced Jasmine to forego going to bed right away and watch their show together.  That was also when Coltin popped the question to Jasmine and asked her to marry him.  In that moment Jasmine recalled that he had been the most nervous he had ever been in his life, but there was no need, since of course she said, “YES!”

Looking forward to capturing Jasmine and Coltin tie the knot this coming October at the beautiful Club Continental!
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