Lillie & Danny’s Washington Oaks Gardens State Park Engagement – Captured by Christina

Lillie and Danny brought their adorable dog along for their session at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park in Palm Coast, Florida. We can’t wait to see these two lovebirds get married!

How They Met

We first met on an online app. We talked for almost a month online. Then we decided to meet in person for dinner and drinks. Unfortunately we went to different locations of the restaurant, but luckily that all got figured out.

Love for Each Other

Danny loves that Lillie is sweet and caring and goes out of her way to help others. He also loves that she loves her family and how important they are to her.

Lillie loves that Danny pays attention to the little things that make her happy like turning on the seat warmers when it’s cold outside or finding the Cadbury eggs as soon as they are out for the season. He always seems to know when I need a little pick me up and knows just the thing.

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