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Stephanie & Dane’s Washington Oaks Garden State Park Engagement- Captured by Stacy

Stephanie and Dane had a beautiful engagement session at sunset at Washington Oaks Garden State Park in Palm Coast, FL. We are so excited for this happy couple!

How They Met

Stephanie and Dane met on a dating app in November 2020, where the female has to message the male first. We messaged back & forth for a week until Dane finally got the courage to ask Stefanie out on a date. Our first date was supposed to be goat yoga but Stefanie cancelled the evening before because she was feeling under the weather. The next day, Stefanie asked Dane to reschedule for the following weekend. They met at the Half Wall Brewery in New Smyrna Beach and hit it off. Right away Dane knew he wanted to see her again. Before their second date, Stefanie had hurt herself by rolling her ankle on a run, and the morning of their second date, Stefanie went to urgent care. She had sprained her ankle and she was on crutches but didn’t want to cancel the date with Dane. So Stefanie- on crutches and all- met Dane for their second date. A few weeks later, on New Years Eve, Dane asked Stefanie to be his girlfriend.

Love for Each Other

Stephanie loves Dane’s goofy side which nobody would really know about him. She also loves that Dane is  a very caring person and always puts her and others before himself. Dane loves that Stefanie makes him laugh and smile every day. She always has his back and he always feel supported by her no matter how weird or nerdy he can be. Dane loves that Stephanie is kind, and intelligent and driven to do her best. She never gives up on anything and he admires that about her. Stefanie is a shining star and the world is brighter with her in it!

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