Washington Oaks State Park Engagement

Ansley & Tony’s Washington Oaks State Park Engagement

Washington Oaks State Park Engagement

Ansley and Tony met me out at beautiful Washington Oaks State Park in St Augustine, Florida.  Envisioning a little bit of a beach side backdrop, along with a gorgeous garden, we just knew that Washington Oaks was the perfect mix.

Reconnecting After High School

My couple’s story began back in high school when the two met during Ms. Adkins English class.  While friends, the two never really hung out outside of school.  After graduation, Ansley moved away to Texas for a few years before returning to Jacksonville, which was when her and Tony reconnected during a mutual friends gathering.  Asking Ansley out on an official first date, the two have been inseparable since that one fateful day on August 23rd of 2015.  Their first date was filled with taking and laughing, well into the night, until the restaurant closed for the night.

Both falling in love how they can “always be ourselves around each other,” they are truly the perfect balance to one another.  As Ansley explains, “we truly are best friends as well, and can spend hours upon hours laughing and having our own fun even if there is nothing to do.  We equally support each other and Tony is truly my safe place no matter what is going on.”

An Asheville, North Carolina Proposal

Tony’s proposal to Ansley was truly unexpected!  On vacation for an entire week together, the two decided to road trip it up throughout a few states from Savannah to North Carolina.  While exploring Asheville and the Biltmore area, they visited tons of little villages to walk around in, enjoyed the Christmas decor, and in the evening drove through the mountains to a romantic dinner.  While Ansley didn’t suspect a proposal to happen, she remembers thinking to herself that the trip couldn’t be anymore perfect for one to happen!  Little did she know, it would be soon!  On their departure day of the trip to head back home, Tony asked Ansley to explore the villages one last time with him.  A bit cold and rainy, he had to insist a little since the weather wasn’t what it had been the day before.  Obliging, the two decided to check out a pond right past the Biltmore pond known for being able to see reflection of the towering estate.  A rather secluded and quiet area, Tony knew it was the perfect spot.  While Ansley was taking a picture of the estate, Tony dropped to one knee and was ready with the ring when she turned around.  Turning around, Ansley was completely in shock, and of course the tears began to flow, realizing the special moment about to take place.  Asking Ansley for her to marry him, of course Ansley said, “YES!”  Looking back at the moment, Ansley laughed that Tony didn’t know what he was in for on their seven hour drive home, as Ansley was non-stop wedding planning haha!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this coming November at the beautiful Ribault Club in Jacksonville, Florida!

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