Wekiva Island Springs Engagement

Celeste & Alan’s Wekiva Island Engagement

Wekiva Island engagements in Wekiwa Springs are filled with a tropical, outdoor vibe.  When Celeste asked if we could do her engagement session with her hubby to be Alan at Wekiva Island, I jumped at the chance and of course said yes! This was my first engagement session at Wekiva, as I have done numerous family sessions in the past. I always felt it would be a good place for a little romance combined with the lush foliage and fauna.

Wekiva Island is a really neat little local spot. The owners are very cognoscente of their carbon footprint on Earth and push to only build buildings that are designed to be eco-friendly. Additionally there are tons of fun activities you can take part in that they lead, such as the water cleanups on the Wekiva River or Wilderness Wednesday where you can learn about the animals inhabiting the state park.

Celeste and Greg pictured a somewhat woodsy engagement combined with the beautiful river. We headed out early in the morning, right when the park opened, to grab the last part of the golden hour sunrise. Our session started off with the two cozying up on a sweet little boardwalk and after moved to the water. I just love how genuine their romance is from the way they held hands to how each other helped pose one another during our shoot.

Celeste actually met Greg back in December of 2012 at Lake Eola. Believe it or not, the two were set up on a blind date! I can only imagine how scary it must be to take a leap of faith to go on a blinda date, but both trusted their mutual friend on their matching ability. From the moment Celeste walked up to Greg, she knew it “was love at first sight!” Their blind date turned into many more dates following and soon a romance ensued.

Two years to the date later, Greg proposed to his darling Celeste on the anniversary of the day they first met – how romantic! During their vacation to Treasure Island, Florida, after dining at a restaurant near the beach, Greg proposed to Celeste. Through absolute tears of joy, she was able to joyfully scream out yes!

After spending time on the bridge, we headed over to the boardwalk near the water for some adorable intimate shots. I just love the backdrop of the grandiose trees and water drifting by. The Wekiva River is just so beautiful!

Some of my favorite ring shots incorporate a woodsy feel. I love the clash of the dark woods against a sparkly diamond! Celeste also loves ring shots and even helped me out with posing her stunning engagement ring.

Before leaving the island in search of another location, we stopped off near the American flag hanging above the beach volleyball court. It was the perfect way to capture their love for the US and tip our hats off to Greg who works as a firefighter.

Taking off from the island, we found an awesome little trail with beautiful lighting. I just loved how the trees perfectly hugged the perimeter of the road up to the sky as the two walked through. I can’t wait to capture these two darlings in June during their wedding at the Lake Mary Events Center 🙂

Venue: Wekiva Island



  1. Wekiva Island is a very pretty place — I can see why the locals want to protect it and why it is a perfect place for engagement photos! This couple looks great together and I can’t wait to see their wedding photos!

  2. Wow this Wekiva Island Engagement is pretty great. I love all the pretty places within island perfect for any sort of portrait photography. Great job

  3. I love when couples pick such picturesque locations such as Wekiva Island for their outdoor engagement sessions! The colors are so rich and vibrant which makes their gallery just pop when scrolling through. Celeste and Gregory have so much love for one another and you did a wonderful job on capturing that for this beautiful Orlando couple.

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