Wekiva Island Family Portraits

Nana Family Portraits at Wekiva Island

What a blast it was shooting the Nana family at Wekiva Island located in Wekiwa Springs, Florida.  Alpa, one of four sisters, planned the shoot for her parents.  The exciting part of the day though came after when the girls surprised their dad with a birthday party.  Wekiva Island is the perfect spot to take family photos.  We started off taking individual family portraits as the families arrived and after headed over to the boardwalk for an adorable group shot.  My favorite part of the session was silly photos on the bridge with each sibling group.  Family portraits are so much fun, as I love the interaction and personalities of the kids and parents that come to life in the photos.  Wishing a big happy birthday to their amazing dad!

Venue: Wekiva Island

Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-1 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-2 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-3 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-4 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-5 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-6 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-7 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-8 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-9 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-10 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-11 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-12 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-13 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-14 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-15 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-16 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-17 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-18 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-19 Wekiva-Island-Family-Photographer-20

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