Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

Sara & Chris’ Winter Garden Engagement

Sara Williams celebrated her birthday with a fun Winter Garden engagement session with her hubby to be Chris King. The two actually met back in 2012 through a meetup group for users of the site. Sara had accepted a free ticket through the group to see The Lion King at the Bob Carr. Everyone met at the Wall Street Cantina in Downtown Orlando before the show, and that is where Sara met Chris. The two chatted a bit, but with the impending show and the whole ‘no talking’ thing that the Bob Carr insists on they didn’t have as much time as they would have like to get to know each other. After the event, the two met again at another event taking place in The Milk District of downtown Orlando. Chris asked Sara to come, he had added her on Facebook after meeting her at Wall Street Cantina, and Sara accepted.

Sara didn’t realize just how much of a crush Chris had on her. When she walked in the door, Chris chatting among friends saw her right away. He left the group and only chatted with her the whole night. The two hit it off and kept in contact for many months while Sara was working out of state. When she returned to Orlando, they made it Facebook official, and have been together ever since.

During Valentine’s weekend, the two traveled to attend a marriage seminar with Sara’s family. Regardless of the seminar, both had been speaking about marriage for sometime and Sara was hoping Chris would pop the question soon. They spent the weekend together. Saturday turned into Sunday, Sunday morning turned into Sunday night, and Sara was expecting him to hold off for another moment, but then it happened. Casually sitting on the couch with his girl, Chris popped the question to Sara before bed. Sara’s entire family was in shock and so was she. He was just so casual and calm, but that was because he knew. He knew Sara was the one for him. Of course, Sara said yes… after a little bit of shock of course and the rest is history.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this October!

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