Winter Garden Senior Portraits

Erin’s Winter Garden Senior Portraits

This past week I had the incredible opportunity to capture the senior portraits of Trenton and his absolutely adorable, sweetheart of a girlfriend Erin. For the shoot we choose a Florida setting among the orange groves with soft morning light.

Erin is just an absolute doll! She helped Trenton the whole time during his shoot from the perfect out fit to choose to ideas of how to pose. What I loved most about our shoot is seeing how incredibly supportive the two were of one another.

Erin’s photos are just absolutely darling. Currently a Valencia State College student, Erin is majoring in business management but looking forward to soon perusing a degree in music and ministry. She pictures her future full of love and faith with her end goal to be a worship leader.

During her free time, Erin enjoys spending time singing at church, shopping with her besties, dinner with her family, and of course spending time with her boyfriend Trenton.

I love how we took the soft light of the morning sun to use as the backdrop for Erin’s images. The large oaks create a nice middle ground between her and the sun. It is just that soft glow that so many love to refer to as “chasing light.” Truly a beautiful model and beautiful portraits!

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  1. What a beautiful girl! I think it’s great she still had senior portraits done even though she is college now. Love the ones in the orange grove!

  2. Erin’s Senior Shoot came out beautiful. I love hearing what they have planned at college and their dreams for the future.

  3. I remember seeing Trenton’s senior portrait session with shots of Erin. I am glad she got to star in her own portrait session as well! So often, those college years go undocumented because there is no real milestone to make people want portraits. But documenting every stage in life is important! Erin will look back on these one day and be so happy she had portraits taken, and she can always brag that Corner House Photography did them too!

  4. Beautiful photos of these Orlando High School seniors! How sweet that they included each other in their senior portraits! The lighting in your images is absolutely perfect and I just love the soft light feel of the photos.

  5. I really LIKE this growing trend of Senior portraiture including the friends or significant other! You’re right, Erin is a doll, but so is Trenton. They’re a very cute couple — and the woods are the perfect place for this photography session; great spot to show off that fabulous pickup! 😉

  6. What a sweet girl! You did great as a senior photographer in Orlando. The location was so perfect and simple at the same time, to keep the emphasis on Erin!

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