Casa Feliz Engagement

Kelly & Michael’s Winter Park Farmers Market Engagement

Kelly and Michael’s Casa Feliz engagement felt like a dreamy picnic session from cuddling up in a blanket to enjoying the Winter Park Farmer’s Market. Kelly just loved my previous sessions in the downtown area combined with the gorgeous greenery. The two actually met back in high school when both of their best friends were dating one another. More of acquaintances at the time, the two didn’t connect until after college. Michael at the time was working for the school district in the IT department and Kelly at Apple as an Apple Genius. With his computer bugging out, Michael headed over to Apple and that is where he ran into Kelly. With full flirting underway after seeing one another for the first time in years, Kelly accidentally ordered an Arabic keyboard for Michael and didn’t realize it until he messaged her on Facebook. It was the perfect in for him to well get a new keyboard and start talking to Kelly!

See… sometimes computer issues aren’t bad hehe.

After dating for several years, these soul mates knew that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. On August 8th of this year, the two went to Celebration, Florida to celebrate a close family friend being accepted into the Disney College Program. While waiting for their friends and family to arrive, Michael sat Kelly down next to him. Little did Kelly know that they would be celebrating so much more. With Kelly close, Michael told her that he had a confession to make in that he had spoken with her dad. He had asked him for Kelly’s hand in marriage and to spend the rest of his life with her. Pops, who loves Michael, of course said yes and was overjoyed that his daughter had found such a gentleman. With his confession made, he leaned over and said, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you – Will you marry me?” Kelly immediately started crying with joy. Even more excitement was underway though as Michael’s family popped out of nowhere and capture their special moment on camera. With everyone cheering them on, Kelly said yes! And you guessed it, the whole even was a setup that Michael planned – have to admit I am extremely impressed!

I just love hanging out with Kelly and Michael. The two actually found me on The Knot and we clicked right from the beginning. Our dorkier sides and passion for planning was the perfect match. I am so ecstatic to be celebrating their big day with them in 2017 as the tie the knot at the Heathrow Country Club.

Venue: Casa Feliz

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  1. What a sweet Winter Park Farmers Market engagement session! Love the cozy feel of the blanket photos at Casa Feliz and I love the other locations you used. The ones at the market are so fun!

  2. Beautiful engagement session at the Winter Park Farmers Market! I love their outfits and I even love that she included photos from their proposal! Great job!

  3. Kelly and Michael’s engagement session photos are so beautiful! I love how you captured them interacting so naturally – you can really see their love in these photographs. Casa Feliz is gorgeous!

  4. What a cute story of how this couple came to be. It is amazing how through instances like this, we meet our special someone. These are such adorable and sweet photos at the Winter Park Farmers Market! I absolutely love this location and the colors were beautiful.

  5. This engagement session is so colorful and beautiful! Casa Feliz is such a great location…look at all the variety there! And the same with Winter Park Farmer’s Market. These are a fun change from Orlando’s beaches for portraits. These two look so happy. I will be watching for their wedding photos too!

  6. What a great story of how they met and a great story to share with their children someday. I am not familiar with the Orlando area other Disney World, so it is great to see this engagement photo session at the Winter Park and Casa Feliz. Is that a real peacock on top of the fountain?

  7. WOW!! This location is GORGEOUS! I wish we had parks like this here. Seriously these images are absolutely stunning and I love the idea of going to the casa feliz farmers market for the engagement session! Too cute!

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