Rollins College Family Portraits

Crenshaw Family Portraits at Rollins College

The Crenshaw family met me out at the beautiful Rollins College campus for a fun family portrait session for the holidays. Mom Kelly and dad Doug were gifted the family portrait session by their amazing daughter Courtney for the holidays.

For the Crenshaw family, holiday traditions and time together with big brother Tyler home from the University of Florida mean the most. Every year, the Crenshaw family enjoys going to church late Christmas Eve and after driving around their community to see the Christmas lights. Mom Kelly puts a lot of love into her gift wrapping labeled with an acronym. Working together, Courtney, Tyler, and Carson have to figure out who the gift belongs to before opening. A few examples from this year included “FKT” for “Favorite Kindergarten Teacher,” “AHSH” for “Almost High School Graduate,” and “FLB” for “Favorite Last Born.”

Traditions like the acronym one Kelly and Doug created are what keep Christmas alive. They bring your family close and are passed on from generation to generation. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Venue: Rollins College

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