Baldwin Park Engagement

Brittany & Jason’s Firefighter and Nurse Engagement in Baldwin Park

Brittany and Jason met me out in the heart of Baldwin Park for their puppy love engagement session. The two brought along their beloved pup Austin who is a four year old golden retriever that as Brittany puts it, turned them “into crazy dog parents,” because of how much they adore him.

My couple actually met when they were “window shopping” on as they describe it. Both Brittany and Jason were rather skeptical at the time in regards to finding the ‘one’ using an online medium. Little did they know that their window shopping would turn into a long term purchase… hehe.” After chatting for a bit online, they two decided to take things offline to meet in person. In the heart of beautiful downtown Orlando, the two met up at Eola Wine company right off of Lake Eola. Brittany initially thought that finding Jason was too good to be true, he was “intelligent, handsome, had a career, caring,” and so different from anyone she had met before. That was until she met him in person and fell in head over heels. Jason couldn’t agree more that they had finally found their soul mate.

It is so incredibly tough for my couples to pinpoint their favorite attribute about one another. When you grow to love someone and build a life with them, everything from the way they laugh to how they hug you becomes an incredibly cherished moment. Brittany and Jason had a tough time finding their favorite and shared a few things they love most, from the way they think alike and can finish one another’s ideas to how they both work in fields helping others, Brittany is a nurse and Jason is a firefighter/paramedic. They just ‘get one another’ in the truest sense of the phrase.

Their engagement session is just out of this world, well country to be more specific! The two were touring Venice, Italy while on vacation with Jason’s family. Brittany of course had her suspicions that he may be popping the question on her trip, but thought it would be possibly towards the end. Seriously – how romantic, I mean Italy! While their group was enjoying a private tour on their second day in, Jason knew that Brittany would not be suspecting the proposal so early into their trip. Riding along the water on a beautiful gondola, Jason planned to pop the question under the Bridge of Sighs. As legend has it and Brittany described it, “legend says that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss if they kiss under the Bridge of Sighs.” Well as soon as they went under, Jason popped the question and before Brittany knew it she was balling! Though the tears, Brittany screamed “yes” and they shared that special kiss that will take their love into eternity. The best part of it all, Jason captured the whole proposal on camera! Brittany loved that she was able to not only see the moment again and again, but share it with her friends and family on the gondola ride who were in boats right next to theirs when she looked up. As the two describe it, the moment was absolutely magical that they will cherish forever.

It was easy to tell how well they flowed together. Brittany melted into Jason’s arms as he pulled her in tight for a hug. Sessions with pups can sometimes be tough as you need a TON of patience, which I have to get the perfect happy earshot. Jason and Brittany were so patient with Austin, walking him back and forth for me to get a few “walking shots” while we made silly noises to have him focus on us. I just adore the images of the two sitting with Austin hugging him tight and sneaking a quick kiss – seriously adorableness overload!

As much as we loved the Baldwin Park area, we headed to Lake Eola for a few shots before sunset. It was the first place they met and truly has a special place in their heart. I just loved having this time to get to know my darlings and how special it was that they took me to places that have meaning in their heart.

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this March!

Venue: Baldwin Park

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Loving the movie Jason put together from their travels to Italy!  Check out spot 9.05 for a quick snapshot of Brittany’s absolute excite right after his proposal!



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