Bok Tower Gardens Wedding

Jeanne & Gerald’s Bok Tower Gardens Wedding

Gerald  and Jeanne tied the knot during their beautiful Bok Tower Gardens wedding outside among the oak trees by the Singing Tower. The two have to be one of my most ‘go with the flow’ couples ever when I first met Gerald in his workout clothes setting everything up. Jeanne was a ball of nerves and excitement ready to start her day upon arriving glammed up and dressed in the most stunning gown. I was just so excited to have such a beautiful couple who truly just wanted to enjoy their day with friends and family.

My sweethearts actually met while both out for the night with their group of friends. Gerald offered to give Jeanne a ride in his two seater. As Jeanne describes it, “we began casually and as we got to know each other the relationship developed. We realized we shared common values and interested, including travel, wine and food.”

As their relationship grew into a beautiful romance, the two cared for one another more and more. Jeanne loves how Gerald is always challenging her to try new things and be open to new experiences. Of course, she also loves the way he can make her laugh and not take life too seriously – don’t we all need to laugh a little! He is truly always concerned, considerate, and caring about Jeanne as well, which was clear to see from the way he held her hand to making sure Jeanne felt like the most beautiful girl on her wedding day, which she truly was. You could just see the love in their eyes.

Gerald loves many of Jeanne’s attributes from her understanding, huge heart, incredible intelligence, and adventurous spirit that made him gravitate to her that one fateful night when they crossed paths. Her smile of course is what drew him in! As Gerald describes his love for Jeanne, “she balanced my spontaneity with her planning and thoughtful process while being open to letting all worries behind. We explore, eat, and experience our way through the world creating memories we share with friends and family. I wouldn’t want to experience life without her by my side.”

The two truly are ying and yang, balancing one another out and pushing one another to be a better person. Gerald knew that there was no other girl in the world for him, and on their vacation to California he planned to ask for her hand in marriage. While traveling through San Francisco, Napa, and the Redwood Forest, Gerald was in debate of which vineyard to propose at and narrowed it down to Alcatraz and the Redwood Forest. Luckily, as Gerald puts it, his best friend suggested a prison… okay wait, a prison with a view of course! So Gerald chose Fern Canyon and after a several mile hike through the beautiful scenery and nature, my sweethearts hit an amazing scene filled with a small creek, lush green ferns, and canyon walls all around them. It was peaceful, quiet, and just lovely. Gerald was so nervous, but knew that place and time was right. As Jeanne reminisces, “Gerald was so nervous he yelled his proposal to me,” but of course she still said, “yes!”

When planning their wedding, the two envisioned a vibe of rustic elegance. After visiting Bok Tower Gardens, they knew it was the perfect spot. My newlyweds felt it was no place else like anywhere in Florida with it’s natural charm, expansive gardens, and rustic elegance ranging from the Olmstead House where their wedding would be to the Spanish charm of the Pinewood Estate.

Upon arriving and meeting Gerald (who I mushed to get ready from setting up!) and Jeanne who was just stunningly adorned in her lace, wedding gown and vintage pearl jewelry, we headed up to the Singing Tower for their ceremony. Their closest friends and family were ready to celebrate in witnessing the two tie the knot among the beautiful oaks. It was such a peaceful place and the love for the couple could be sensed all around.

After their ceremony, we headed around the gardens for newlywed photos. I must say it can be overwhelming with the abundance of options to pick, but I just knew that shots in front of the tower and Pinewood Estate were our go to spots. Gerald had Jeanne laughing and smiling with his tight hugs and sweet kisses. After a few moments alone for the two to take in the beautiful moment of becoming Mrs. and Mrs. Mugar, we headed to the front of the gardens for their reception at the Olmstead House.

Dancing the night away, we stayed late into the night celebrating a beautiful love! Looking forward to seeing my sweethearts’ adventure around Yellowstone, the Rockies, and Bryce Canyon for their honeymoon!

Venue: Bok Tower Gardens

Cake: Cakes by Maggi

Band: Highway 37 South

Florist: Carlton’s Petals & Bows Florist

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      Thank you so much Laci! It was so great meeting you at Jeanne and Gerald’s wedding 🙂

    Once again Samantha you made perfection come out on photo paper !

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      Aww thank you Liz for leaving such a sweet comment! I agree, my favorite is Jeanne holding her hubby’s arms as well 🙂

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