Bella Collina Engagement

Taylor & Max’s Bella Collina Engagement

Bella Collina Engagement

Taylor and Max met me out in Montverde, Florida for their Bella Collina engagement.  An Italian inspired venue, the two will be visiting again soon in October, but this time to tie the knot!

Publix, Where Love Happens

While the two’s story began while they were in high school, the same high school at that, they actually met outside of school at their first job – Publix!  Both starting around the same time, they became instant friends a fond friendship grew.  Close friends, both began to have a crush on one another, which both did not know of, however literally all of the staff at Publix could tell.  It was just clear as day by the way Max would look at Taylor, and vice versa, that there was an undeniable spark.  In January of 2013, Max asked Taylor our on an official first date.  Picking her up from school, the two went to Olive Garden afterwards to grab dinner, where Max surprised Taylor with a beautiful rose.  Asking her to be his girlfriend at dinner, she obliged and from then on out the two were absolutely inseparable!

What They Love Most

Falling in love the feeling he gets when making Taylor laugh, Max loves that he can make Taylor happy.  As he explains, “a grin grows on her face and her small nose scrunches up.  I love her laugh and how she lights up with happiness.  I will try to make her laugh forever if it means I can see her happy like that always.”  For Taylor, she loves how Max can raise her back up even when feeling down or discouraged.  As Taylor explains, “he believes in me through life, adventures, and educational experiences.  He can give me a pep talk or jest even say “I Love You” and my heart warms and I smile big.  He has such a good heart.”

St Pete Beach Proposal

After dating for a little over two years, Max was ready to pop the question to Taylor.  The two had graduated college and were beginning the next chapter in their careers, education, and life together – there was truly no better time!  During Max’s annual family trip in July to St Pete beach, Max pulled Taylor aside for a moment alone and asked for her hand in marriage.  Of course, Taylor said, “yes!” and it wasn’t long before Max’s whole family knew and were congratulations them!  The 2015 trip will surely go down in the books as being Taylor and Max’s favorite trip yet!

World travelers, Taylor and Max have visited several countries with many trips coming up.  Italy, an absolute favorite of Taylor’s, was the inspiration for picking their wedding day venue.  Bringing in elements of their trip, the two plan to incorporate Italian dishes, wine, and decorations that bring back the joy of their trip.  As Taylor explains, “although we are still planning, our goal is to make our wedding a memorable night for everyone who attends, and not just for us.”

Can’t wait to see my sweethearts again in just a few months for their Bella Collina wedding!

Venue: Bella Collina

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