Tampa Garden Club Wedding

Carines & Juan’s Tampa Garden Club Wedding

Tampa Garden Club Wedding

Carines and Juan tied the knot during their Tampa Garden Club wedding in Tampa, Florida.  The two envisioned a wedding day in the heart of the city they love most, Tampa, at a beautiful garden club.

From Orlando to Tampa

Carines and Juan’s story actually began in Orlando, specially at the University of Central Florida.  The two were attending the university and happen to have a business calculus class together.  Week after week, Juan would see Carines in class and finally approached her for a little small talk.  Well by the time the class was over, the two became friends and not too long after Juan asked Carines out on an official first day.  They have been together ever since!

Falling in love with Juan’s sense of humor, passion, and dedication, Carines loves how “constant laughter surrounds” them.  For Juan, he fell in love with how smart, caring, and sensitive Carines is, along with being the perfect complement to himself.

Planning out his proposal to Carines, Juan knew that he wanted it to be intimate and true to themselves.  Before a “Sunday Funday” brunch and movie, Juan pulled Carines aside in the morning and asked her to marry him int heir home.  It was absolutely perfect, and truly made for one of the best Sundays they will ever have.

Wedding Day at the Tampa Garden Club

My vivacious couple had a truly stunning day filled with love and laughter.  From the moment I arrived, Carines had the biggest smile and you could just feel the joy of the day all around her.  As Carines, her mom, and aunt wrapped up hair and makeup, I captured her details before having her get in her dress.  Carines surprised me by letting me know that her aunt, a phenomenal seamstress, had actually designed and made her wedding gown – seriously how spectacular of a wedding day gift!

After getting in her gown with the help of her aunt, mom had finished makeup and helped place Carines’ veil.  I love the special moments between close family members, like Carines’ aunt and mother, before the big day.  Both did all they could to hold back their tears of joy as well.  A special guest made an appearance too, Rocky, Carines’ Yorkshire terrier her might have stole the show if for only a few moments while he attended.  Between the gorgeous bridal suite, stunning bride, and insanely cute yorkie, I knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding day.

Back outside before the ceremony began, the wind was picking up a bit and with the help of Carines’ wedding planner, we quickly changed the aisle from an aisle runner to a gorgeous spread of rose petals.  While finishing up, Juan arrived just in time for a few shots beforehand.  I could tell he was just as nervous as he was excited, and definitely had a few tears come down as Carines’ walked down the aisle.

My couple’s ceremony took place under a pagoda arch that was lined with floral on the left side.  Another special touch, all floral was designed by her aunt and mother as well!  After vows were shared, a first kiss sealed Carines and Juan officially becoming Mr. and Mrs.  With that, we were off to grabbing family for family formal portraits and afterwards newlywed portraits around the venue.

Between the setting sun shining rays coming through the palm trees to the backdrop of the water, there were just too many beautiful spots that we had to take advantage of!  With time dwindling down for our formal portrait hour, we headed back inside to kick off the reception entrance.  Sentimental toasts, formal dances, and guest dancing filled the night before hugs goodbye.

Wishing my sweethearts a beautiful life together filled with as much joy as they felt on their big day!


Venue: Tampa Federation Garden Club

Cake: Artistic Whisk

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