Bella Collina Wedding

Brittany & Chris’ Bella Collina Wedding

Brittany and Chris tied the knot during their beautiful Bella Collina wedding in Montverde, Florida. You may remember my sweethearts from their bohemian engagement at The Acre a few months back. The two actually met in high school, yep high school sweethearts, and have been together ever since!

Rolling hills and panoramic views of fields upon fields really makes for a beautiful location to live and visit, as Bella Collina is both a community and wedding venue. The Tuscan inspired design combined with the landscapes of Montverde are the perfect duo for feeling like you are in the heart of Italy.

My second shooter Lyssa joined me, as we started our day off with Chris and his groomsmen. I love a mix of flash and natural light, or light where it can be found. The pool table lighting created the most dramatic affect for a Sopranos like feeling for his and his groomsmen looking at me over the pool table. Chris is such an easy going guy and I just love how go with the flow he was on their wedding day in wanting to make it absolutely magical for Brittany.

After spending some time with our handsome groom, we headed over to our gorgeous bride in the bridal suite. Candlelit chandeliers and shades of brown and orange umber created an intimate feeling, while Brittany put on her gown. Details of Brittany’s geode earrings and lace heels were perfection when paired together with her dress.

With getting ready shots wrapped up for both our bride and groom, Brittany sent over a little surprise to Chris to open delivered by their darling daughter Alyana. Later on in the night, we found a little surprise mommy and daddy had for their sweetie, as the two had “Alyana” written on the back of their wedding cake.

RJ Glamour truly pulled out all the stops for decorating their ceremony and reception. From a pink, pastel, rose petal aisle to gold candles anchoring white chivari chairs, no detail went unnoticed. Little Alyana loved the flowers so much so that she gentle stepped over the aisle way pattern as she walked her way with grandma to her daddy Chris. Brittany was an absolute dream and it took Chris all he had to hold back the tears as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her father.

After “I Do’s” were said and a first kiss shared, we headed to the back of Bella Collina for family and wedding party portraits. An impending storm brought in nice large breezes for formal portraits with family before we headed to explore the venue for newlywed portraits.

Decorated to a t, their reception was overflowing with more beautiful roses and greenery. Draping flowers, candlelit lanterns, gold tea light holders, and the prettiest place settings came together to create a stunning Italian Rivera feel.

Our night ended with some fabulous dancing and divinely delicious wedding cake! Wishing these two an incredible life together with their adorable family!

Venue: Bella Collina

Coordinator: Immaculate Events

Design, Florist, and Rentals: RJ Glamour & Innovation

Officiant: Reverend Jeff Thompson

DJ: La Voz Entertainment

Jewelry: Rachel Mulherin

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