Cypress Grove Estate House Wedding

Rosalie & William’s Cypress Grove Estate House Engagement

Rosalie and William met me out at the beautiful Cypress Grove Estate House for their darling engagement session. These two lovebirds actually me in the Fall of 2012, while William was volunteering where Rosalie worked as a nurse. When William saw Rosalie for the first time, he knew it was love at first site and had to ask her out – but how? Well after hearing that Rosalie’s favorite cookies were peanut butter and chocolate chips, William set out to bake the best batch of her life and ask her on a date. Rosalie was completely surprised by the sweet gesture and of course said yes to his date proposal! Little did they know that it would be the first of many dates and the first of many batches of cookies.

When I asked the two what they loved most about each other, I was in complete awe of their answers. William loves how compassionate Rosalie is towards others and how she not only keeps him grounded, but encourages him to follow his dreams – of course this is in addition to how “downright gorgeous” she is. Rosalie loves William’s sense of humor, his witt, and intelligence. The combination of the three make a beautiful soul that has so much to offer. Truly a match made in heaven!

Love at first site led to many dates, which led to a beautiful romance. William knew that their was no other girl for him and started to plan out his proposal. Every year, the two visit St. Augustine for their anniversary to remember how special their first date was. Waiting for months, William was excited when the day finally came. After grabbing their ritual ice cream, the two went to their bench that sat quietly in a little garden to enjoy the sweet treat. It was the perfect moment, the time was right, and William asked the big question, “Rosalie will you marry me?” She of course said yes and as Rosalie reminisces, it was “the most perfect time to ask the big question, where it had all started.”

Happy tears are completely flowing down my eyes right now. I just love the beauty of their story. You might notice that my sweet little couple is joined by a fur-baby. The two adopted little Kinglsey from a shelter three years ago this summer. As Rosalie puts it, “he is a source of unconditional love and joy!” Their little Puggle mix has a very adventurous soul as he scouted out the grounds, while popping in for a few photos.

I truly enjoy engagements sessions. They are such a beautiful time for me to get to know my couple and of course their little pups too. Looking forward to celebrating with these two at the beautiful Timacuan Golf Club for their big day!

Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House

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