Bowing Oaks Plantation Wedding

Kara & Curtis’ Bowing Oaks Plantation Wedding

Kara and Curtis tied the knot during their Bowing Oaks Plantation wedding in Jacksonville, Florida. The two envisioned a day filled with friends and family celebrating, partying, and toasting to the start of their journey together.

Located in the historic Bayard area, Bowing Oaks Plantation sits on five acres of rolling green lawns and sprawling oak trees. Beautiful rustic features on the property include an outdoor barn, indoor reception area that feels like a beautiful log cabin home, vintage lawn pieces ranging from carts to carriage wheels, and a sweet little swing where we grabbed a couple of newlywed portraits.

You may remember my sweethearts from their orange grove engagement at sunset. During their engagement, Curtis told me about how he met Kara through a mutual friend in college. Their friendship turned to romance after spending time together outside of their group of friends alone. Kara got to know how much of a big teddy bear Curtis is and Curtis fell in love with Kara’s heart. Curtis proposed to Kara at Friendship Fountain with family and friends watching from a nearby hotel balcony. Kara was completely surprised and of course said “yes!” After saying “yes” to her darling, she soon heard cheers and clapping from above to find the second surprise Curtis had in store, which was celebrating with everyone who came. It was a beautiful way to incorporate their loved ones into such a special moment.

Kara and Curtis’ wedding day was truly just as sweet as the romance they share. Our day started off with arriving early to capture Kara getting ready and her details. Curtis was running a little bit late with a few set up items so it was perfect timing to start with our bride before our handsome groom arrived. Kara’s dress… seriously wow. My jaw dropped when I walked in and saw her gown hanging up. From the lace details to the vintage hair pieces for her and her maid of honor, every ‘detail’ was hand selected with care and thought. After capturing Kara and her girls, we headed over to Curtis and his guys for a few shots of them behind the pool table and putting on suits. I loved incorporating room pieces like the old wooden barrel and bone pieces in the room for a more rustic vibe.

After grabbing shots of the guys suiting up, we headed back to Kara’s room for a bridesmaid reveal and father’s first look. I couldn’t help, but tear up seeing Kara’s father come in the room laying eyes on her in wedding dress for the first time. It was a beautiful moment and the perfect time right before the ceremony. Arm in arm, Kara’s dad took his little girl and walked her down the aisle to the man of her dreams.

Their ceremony was beautiful, filled with heartfelt vows, and a song from grandma. Formal portraits followed underneath the oak tree before we grabbed newlywed shots as the sun was setting. Walking beneath the oaks, Curtis held his darling Kara while the two stole a kiss here and there during their photos. I just loved the twinkle in his eye when he looked at Kara realizing she was officially his Mrs. Balfour.

Coastal Coordinating put together the most wonderful event design and day of coordination ensuring everything went perfectly to plan. The beautiful chandeliers that hung from the tiered roof above guests dancing the night away was the perfect elegant touch to the wooden indoor barn. Our night was filled with dancing, a lot more dancing, even a ton more dancing, and the most exciting send off as the two ran beneath a parade of sparklers. It was the perfect ending to the most beautiful day!

Wishing these two an incredible journey through life together!

Venue: Bowing Oaks Plantation

Coordinator: Coastal Coordinating

Makeup & Hair: Studio Bride

Videography: Adam Pressley Films

Cake: Alleycakes

DJ: Feedback Entertainment

Dress Shop: David’s Bridal

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  1. What a wonderful day. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. Congratulations again.

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