Orchid Garden Wedding

Scott & Raul’s Gold and White Orchid Garden Wedding

Scott and Raul tied the knot during their Orchid Garden wedding in downtown Orlando on Church Street. You may remember my sweethearts from their downtown engagement underneath the iconic Church Street bridge and at their stunning wedding venue.

The two actually started dating 27 years back when they met by chance at Winter Park Lanes. Scott at the time was subbing in for another player who could not make it and Raul was spending time with friends in the next lane over. Tight quarters made for an easy introduction and casual conversation throughout the night – of course all while keeping score. The two ended the night with making plans to meet again for a date, which soon turned into many more dates and a flourishing relationship.

Over time the two have grown inseparable. Scott loves how genuine and kind Raul is, while Raul loves Scott’s sense of adventure and how compassionate of a person he is. From spending time with family to traveling the world, the two have enjoyed sharing many ‘firsts’ in life together.

The two had always wanted to get married, but wanted to do so in their home state of Florida. 27 years later from when they began dating, gay marriage was finally legalized and the two decided it was the right time. 27 years and 364 days from their first anniversary, marked the date for officially tying the knot at the beautiful Orchid Garden.

Centered in the heart of Church Street, the Orchid Garden is a prominent, historic venue. It has changed over time and with age truly becomes more and more regal. There are four, yes four!, stunning white metal staircases that bow out on both sides of the venue. It truly made for quite the grand entrance when Scott and Raul were announced into their reception.

Our day started off with meeting our two lovebirds for pre-newlywed portraits inside and outside the venue off Church Street. Family portraits followed with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and a very special lady in their lives, Scott’s mom. Using the staircase as a backdrop, the two envisioned family portraits filled with the architecture of the building.

Their non-traditional timeline was a blast and very go with the flow. Guests arrived shortly after formal portraits to the beginning of cocktail hour. The two envisioned a lot of mingling and dancing before the big moment and after. In addition to a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, we also captured guests against a destination backdrop and custom vintage suitcase for their adventure inspired theme. Guests loved taking silly photos with the grooms and it was the perfect token for them to give as thank you gifts after the wedding.

Their ceremony took place out in the courtyard against a stunningly, jaw dropping, glass paned window. Their closest friends and family gave speeches about the two in addition to a beautiful rope ceremony binding them together. What I loved most about the ceremony was the amount of excitement among guests. Clapping and cheering began well before the first kiss and their exit down the aisle was the most loving one I have ever seen, as guests jumped up from their chairs giving hugs and kisses. Truly the love in the room was overflowing and busting at the seams.

A grand entrance down the iconic staircase, followed by a ton and I mean a ton of dancing, cake cutting, and more dancing made for a beautiful night. Wishing these two an incredible journey through life together, officially and legally Mr. and Mr. Cheers to the beauty in love and the right for everyone to love and be loved!

Venue: Orchid Garden at Church Street

Catering: Levan’s Catering

Cake: Party Favors

DJ: Joanna Cower

Officiant: Jen Freely

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