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Bridal Tips: Holiday Portraits

Bridal Tips for Holiday Portraits

With the holidays approaching fast, you may be wondering when to take your holiday portraits?  Below are the top four questions we receive from families when preparing for the holiday time in sending out cards to spread good cheer to friends and family.

Orlando Holiday Portraits


1. When should we schedule a holiday portrait session?  The number one question we receive – and the answer… now!  When you think about your timeline in sending our cards, you will want to budget about a 2-3 week period in receiving your online gallery of images (if not sooner!) after your portrait session, about 2-3 weeks to receive your ordered cards depending on what online ordering system you use (we love Basic Invite!), and about 2-3 weeks to address and mail out your cards.  Adding up the weeks mentioned, September and October are the perfect months to schedule your portrait session and to have enough time for the post to deliver your holiday cards to friends and family!

Orlando Holiday Portraits

Amount of Family Members

2. How many people are allowed to partake in our holiday portrait session?  There is absolutely no limit, so bring the whole family along!  I always find it rather silly when hearing about extra charges for extra people.  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice a family member for cost, and in turn we do not have a limit!

Orlando Holiday Portraits

Outfit Changes

3. How many outfit changes do you recommend?  This really depends on how large your group is.  For example, it takes quite a bit longer for a group of 30 to change verses a group of two.  For smaller families, I recommend a second outfit option just in case.  For larger families, I recommend finding a cohesive look that you love, as changing may stressful.

Orlando Holiday Portraits

Bringing Your Pets

4. We love our puppies, can we bring them along?  Absolutely!  I love including every family member, even the furry ones, in holiday portraits.  From puppies to kittens to horses, we have definitely had a dynamic range of pets brought along for portrait sessions.  I always recommend larger parks when bringing along your pets to limit distractions.

Orlando Holiday Portraits

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