Siera & Boon’s Bok Tower Engagement – Captured by Anna

Siera and Boon met our team out in Lake Whales for their gorgeous Bok Tower engagement!  In town visiting family and friends, it was the perfect time to take their Florida style engagement session.

How They Met

We met studying geology at The University of Alabama. We were taking a Geochemistry course and sat right next to each other. It wasn’t until field camp in New Mexico the following summer when we started officially dating.

What They Love Most

Siera: The thing I love most about Boone is his passion and his genuine heart. Everything that he does is filled with so much thought and he never takes anything for granted. He loves me so much and every time I walk in to the room I know that he is thinking about me and how much he genuinely loves me. He has such a kind heart and would help anyone and everyone. He is so caring and I know that he is going to be the best husband and take care of me. He makes me work hard to be the best person I can be and I am just so happy that I get to be his wife. His sense of humor is priceless and his laughter is contagious. He is such a kind soul and I love him with every ounce of my being.

Boone: The thing I love most about Siera is her drive. She is so dedicated to everything that she does and she is relentless in taking care of the things that she is passionate about. She has this drive in work, going on adventures, and In the way that she loves people. I could never be on her level, but she makes me strive to have the same attitude and makes me want to be the best person I can be in my integrity and the way that I care and treat other people. It most importantly makes me want to drive to be the best boyfriend, now fiancé, and eventually husband for her. Her looks come in close second.

The Proposal

We have a couple of little things that we do for each other that are cute including: every time we go to a restaurant that has napkins wrapped with paper, Boone would make me a paper football and I would save them. He had been sending me paper footballs that spelled out “Will you marry m,” with no e, for a couple of months. The first weekend of September this year we took a weekend trip to Asheville with my mom, grandma, and mom’s best friend. The Biltmore was having a Chihuly exhibit and I had never been to the Biltmore before. On September 1st we were out checking out the sculptures in the gardens when Boone had to leave to take a phone call. When he got back we started walking back towards the Biltmore and he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the walkway leading to the Biltmore property. He started playing “Cant Help Falling In Love,” the Twenty One Pilots version, my favorite, and telling me how much he loves me and from the minute we started dating he knew I was the one he wanted to marry. Once we reached the middle of the entranceway, he handed me a pack of extra gum (like the commercial) that had the final letter e inside. I looked up and he was down on one knee and asked if I would marry him and of course I said yes! My mom and her best friend were snapping photos and my best friend comes running down the hill behind us. His family ended up showing up as well. It was truly magical.
Venue: Bok Tower Gardens
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