Casa Feliz Engagement

Heather & Jonathan’s Casa Feliz Engagement

Heather and Jonathan met me out in the beautiful downtown area of Winter Park at Casa Feliz for their engagement session. Heather just loved the beauty of Casa Feliz and the quirky, fun, small town vibe of Winter Park.

Jon and Heather actually met on 4th of July at a friend’s celebration party. It was by chance that they both happen to be in the right place at the right time. Jon almost didn’t come, because he was under the weather, but made it out in hopes to feel better around friends. Heather was newer to the group and only knew about two guests at the party so running into Jon was truly fate. The two chatted up a conversation and before the end of the party Jon slipped his number into Heather’s purse. They both convinced their friends to have another little get together the next weekend so they could run into one another again. Their conversation was just as fun as when they had first met a week back and dating soon ensued. It is just incredible how life truly has a plan for you to meet that special one when the time is right.

Heather loves Jon’s sense of humor and Jon loves Heather’s passion and excitement for things. Heather definitely had Jon smiling throughout their engagement as she hugged him tight and he walked hand in hand with her. Heather shared that ‘their song’ Hey Soul Sister by Train has a special line that captures their love which is, “just in time, I’m so glad you have a one track mind like me.” As Heather explains, “from the moment we met we couldn’t get enough of each other.”

Their proposal was sweet and endearing. The two were ready to get married and started looking for rings. The plan started off with Heather picking two or three that she loves, which Jon could choose from, but just like finding Jon she also found ‘the one’ when she landed her eyes on her ring. Right there in the store, Jon made a purchase which would change their lives forever. The two celebrated with friends and family later that day at a BBQ when they announced they were engaged!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the whimsical, fun, and ever so adventurous Orlando Science Center this October!

Venue: Casa Feliz

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