Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

Tina & Daniel’s Downtown Winter Garden Engagement

Tina and Daniel met me out in the historic little town of Winter Garden, Florida for their engagement session. It was my first time meeting my sweethearts and after speaking with Tina over the past few months, I was so excited to finally give them both a big hug in person.

Tina and Daniel actually met back in high school during their junior year. While passing one another in the hallway and at lunch, love didn’t take play until three years later after connecting on Facebook – love the power of social media! Daniel actually had reached out to Tina and over time their friendship grew from Facebook messages to finally meeting again in person. Their relationship was long distance at first though, as Tina lived with her family in Vietnam and Daniel was away for basic training in the Army. Tina wrote Daniel often on her Hello Kitty stationary and the two would chat over the phone whenever the Army allowed.

Finally long distance came to a close when the two planned to reconnect in the U.S. Tina left her family in Vietnam to fly back and Daniel finished up his basic training. Their love that began through sweet love letters and online messages grew to a beautiful lasting romance.

I always ask my couples what they love most about one another, what drew them into the personality, the characteristics, and the beauty of their darling’s soul. Tina truly could not pinpoint a specific thing, as there are so many. As she describes her love for Daniel, “there are so many different reasons why I love him from always opening doors to always being so thoughtful. They all add up to him being the man I want to marry and spend the rest of my life with.” Daniel knew right away though that Tina’s hard work ethic in both her personal and professional life shaped her heart. She always strived to be the best partner she could be and put her whole heart into everything she does.

Daniel knew that his connection with Tina was like no other girl he had ever met. She was caring, considerate, and full of love. She truly loved him for who he was and supported him in his career. After dating for a little while, Daniel knew that Tina was his ‘one.’ The two had been talking about marriage for a while and after a sweet, intimate dinner asked for her hand in marriage when they arrived home. It was exactly what Tina wanted, just the two of them in their home. Truly beautiful!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this October in Jacksonville, Florida!

Venue: Downtown Winter Garden

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