Mead Gardens Engagement

Cassie & Ruben’s Mead Botanical Garden Engagement

Cassie and Ruben met me out at the beautiful Mead Botanical Garden park located in the heart of Winter Park for their engagement session this past week. With the approaching storm, we really lucked out with some absolutely divine light and a breezy overcast day for their shoot.

My sweethearts actually met at work while passing one another in the hall. The two noticed one another right away, but their work relationship soon turned into a beautiful friendship.  They soon realized how much they had in common from how the envisioned their future to what they wanted in a partner. Of course it wasn’t long until as Cassie puts it, “we realized we were meant to be.”

Cassie loves how Ruben can always make her laugh and Ruben loves Cassie’s free spirit and warm heart. It was easy to see how much my darlings cared for one another during their session through the way they hugged and how Ruben had Cassie laughing with his ‘fake conversation’ while they walked for ‘walking pictures’ to make her giggle. Their warmth around one another just felt so welcoming and so supportive.

Of course just like their friendship turned into romance, it wasn’t long either until Ruben made Cassie his girl. Ruben truly feels Cassie is his queen and treats her like royalty. He knew that his proposal had to be both intimate and made of fairytales. During their planned trip to the historic city of St. Augustine, Ruben brought Cassie on a horse drawn carriage to have a romantic ride through the town. When they approached the most beautiful view of the waterway, Ruben turned to Cassie and asked for her to marry him. She of course said “yes” with absolute excitement and the start of their fairytale began.

The two are planning for a dreamy wedding at the Capen House located at the Albin Polasek Museum. A perfect parallel to their historic engagement, the historic home is beautifully situated on the museum property overlooking the sculpture gardens and lake. Both my darlings are looking forward to celebrating their big day with their friends and family most out of everything. Oh, but Cassie of course can’t wait for cupcakes too!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot this December!

Venue: Mead Botanical Gardens

Makeup & Hair: Laura Reynolds Artistry Hair and Makeup

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