Haley & Jarrod’s Casa Marina Hotel Wedding – Captured by Kaylie

Haley and Jarrod tied the knot during their historic Casa Marina Hotel wedding in Jacksonville, Florida. The cool sea brought a calming breeze for such a gorgeous day!

The Proposal

Haley and Jarrod were engaged on October 3, 2021.

The weekend of October 1st, 2021 was something that had been planned for a while. It was Haley’s grandpa, niece, and brother in law’s birthday weekend, so the whole family was coming into Jacksonville to celebrate their birthdays. Haley set up banners, got a cake, and set up their presents for the fun weekend! The week before, Haley called her best friend (also Hailee) to go shopping with her and hinted that she thought Jarrod would propose Friday (October 1st) because the entire family would be there and they were never all together. Hailee knew the plans at this point, but obviously wasn’t going to say anything. They picked out 2 outfits that would be cute to get engaged in, because what girl doesn’t want to plan that out?? Friday was coming up and Haley got a text from one of her other best friend’s boyfriend, saying that he was proposing to her on October 1st… the same Friday she thought she would get engaged. Jarrod and Haley are super close to this couple, so there was no way that Jarrod was going to do it on their engagement day. Friday came, they celebrated Mary & Christian, and they went home. No ring for Haley.

Saturday October 2nd came around. The plan was to go to the Jacksonville Zoo with the whole family and Haley was terrified that Jarrod would propose there. He didn’t. Saturday night, Haley and her sister Courtney were going to see Hamilton at the downtown theater and Jarrod was watching football with friends. Again, Saturday came and went… no ring.

Sunday October 3rd. Haley’s brother in law (Brad)’s actual birthday. Haley woke up extremely agitated and sad because her family was leaving after church that day, everyone was packing to go home and they still weren’t engaged. Haley sat at the table with Brad eating breakfast and started to complain about how Jarrod was never going to propose, and if he did, no one would be able to be there. Her sister and mom told her that everyone was looking nice for Brad’s birthday for pictures, so we all needed hair done, makeup on, and pretty dresses on. Haley didn’t curl her hair, didn’t do her makeup the best, and wore a dress that her sister picked out for her (not either one of the engagement outfits Haley picked out for herself). Haley, Jarrod and their families left for Eleven22 (the church Haley and Jarrod met at), sat through an incredibly powerful sermon with their family and friends, and worshipped together. Once the service was over, everyone (both families and friends) went out into the lobby. Jarrod told Haley to come with him back into the sanctuary because he “lost his keys” and needed her help finding them. They both went back in, he “found them”, and they walked back out into the lobby – but on the other side from where their families were. Haley was confused at this point, but he did random things all the time, so she didn’t think much of it. They ran into some friends and Haley went in to hug them. As she did this, Jarrod got down on one knee behind her in the middle of the Eleven22 lobby… their families, friends, and strangers all around. Haley turned around and was in absolute shock! Everyone started cheering, but all Haley heard was Jarrod ask if she would marry him. She said “Of course!!!” and he placed the gorgeous, round cut solitaire ring on her finger.

They celebrated with a surprise engagement party with all of their friends and family at Cooper’s Hawk Winery that afternoon. Haley and Jarrod will be married on October 1, 2022!


Venue: Casa Marina Hotel & Restaurant

Dress Shop: Love Bridal Boutique

Floral: Parker’s Events

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