Lindsey & Julius’ Darby Farms Wedding – Captured by Dawn

Lindsey and Julius’ ranch style wedding at Darby Farms was such an incredible journey to capture!

The Proposal

We got engaged on August 21, 2021. A few weeks before, his mom called me and said her friend at work was trying to build up his photography photo and asked if we would be his test subjects. Conveniently, he lived near us and was trying to do it at a park where we like to take our dog to explore. At first, I definitely had my suspicions since we had been dating for almost seven years at that point. However, over the next few weeks, Julius acted as if he was DREADING the whole thing as he hates taking pictures. Turns out he is a great actor because that threw me right off the scent!

So the day came and I kept making jokes about “hey we should get him to photoshop a ring in so that when we get engaged we don’t have to take pictures again”. We got to the park and met up with the photographer and brought our dog. I was just excited to have nice photos of us with the dog ! So we walked down to the water, and immediately -the dog did her business. LOL. I sent Julius running back up the hill to get poop bags and remember complaining that he was taking so long. Little did I know, he was going slow because he had the ring in his sock! As soon as he came back and we took care of everything, the photographer set us up where he wanted us and we took a few pictures with the dog. Then, he dropped to one knee and made a really lovely speech before proposing. Obviously I said yes!

After that happened, we walked over to a heart on the ground made out of rose petals. Apparently, this is where the proposal was supposed to happen, but 15 minutes before we arrived a whole bunch of people descended on the park and were in the way. There was a picnic basket with charcuterie and a bottle of wine that we opened and enjoyed while taking pictures – the dog really enjoyed the charcuterie! Then, we went back up to the shelter and I started panicking because we left our stuff up there and a bunch of people were arriving. I remember shouting at Julius to go get our stuff because someone was trying to get the shelter set up for a party or something! To my surprise, it was BOTH of our families arriving to celebrate with us. I was very overwhelmed at first, because I always said I didn’t want a crowd, but I’m really glad they were there. He did a great job of making sure it was private for the actual proposal, but we will got to celebrate with our families in the moment.

Wedding Day Vision

Our colors are sage green, champagne and blush. The theme is “rustic” but not like country music rustic. Kind of a whimsical/casual rustic. I am very nervous to be the center of attention so I think my wedding day vision would be one where everything is casual and relaxed. We are not entirely traditional and I think that will show during the ceremony and reception. Generally I know it may not be possible but my vision is just being able to enjoy all of it without being too overwhelmed. A lot of our theme also involves eucalyptus and other succulents. My wedding day vision I guess is foresty, woodsy and rustic combined. I am really just hoping to have a nice fun party!


Venue: Darby Farm

Bride’s Party Dress Shop: Azazzie

Cake: Publix

Caterer: Savory Roots Catering

Coordination: Prodigy Event Planning

DJ: Leopard Trax

Dress Shop: Dream Gown Bridal

Makeup & Hair: Blush N Bridal

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